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Watch Kacy Catanzaro absolutely crush the "American Ninja Warrior" obstacle course

  • Happy birthday, Tedra M.!

Warm-Up Strategies For Developing Kipping Pull-Ups

By David Osorio 
Originally posted on 11.4.2011 

Below is a plan to start incorporating regular kipping pull-up skill work into your warm-ups. Like any other skill, you'll need regular practice to develop mastery of the movement. That being said, don't go overboard with this—I wouldn't be swinging on the bar more than four times per week. The progression below is broken into three steps based on your skill level. Don't advance to the next step until you've mastered the previous one. This may take several weeks so be patient!

Level 1, The Kip Swing: Add 5-8 Kip Swings before each set of pull-ups during warm ups, or add 1-2 sets of kip swings when you finish warming up. Progress to Level 2 after you can consistently string these together with a nice "pop" on the back end.

Points of Performance

  • Make sure you've got the right grip. If your palms feel like they're being pinched you need to readjust.
  • Always start from a static deadhang with a tight body and active shoulders. 
  • The kip should feel fluid and springy. Try to ride the momentum you create.
  • Before moving to Level 2, ask a coach to access your kip swing.


Level 2, The Dynamic Pull and Mature FinishNow that you've mastered the kip swing and have found the weightless "pop" on the back end, try to reopen your hip and get over the bar. Make it your goal to use momentum, not pulling strength to finish the pull up. When you get over the bar, hold the top for a 2-count. This will help you establish a mature finish position. Lower yourself down and reset. 

Points of Performance

  • Don't slow down your kip swing before you attempt to get over. This is a common mistake. A bigger kip will make the pull-up easier.
  • You'll have to reset after each rep. Kip swing > Dynamic Pull-Up > Hold over the bar for a 2-count > lower down and start over.
  • You haven't completed this step until you can consistently get over the bar in one fluid motion. Any stalling, slowing down, or extra little kicks to get over constitute a work in progress on Level 2.
  • Have a coach look at your progress before moving to Level 3.


Level 3, Stringing Them Together: Now that you can kip over the bar you need to work on linking them together. If you've been diligent about holding the top of the pull up, you'll have plenty of time to work on pushing away back into your kip swing. Once you can link two together, incrementally add reps until you can link 10 together. Watch the video at the bottom of this article to see this in real time. 

Points of Performance

  • You don't need to lose the momentary pause at the top of the pull up. In fact, the ability to do this indicates that you're all the way over the bar. Sometimes folks develop a kipping pull-up and need to reach with their chin to get just over the bar—but this is not a complete kipping pull-up. Try to get the bar to neck level.
  • This step is all about timing and rhythm. If you lose your balance or develop a pendulum swing, stop and reset.
  • Be patient! Developing your pull ups is going to take some time. The good news is that it's MUCH harder to get from 0-2 kipping pull-ups than it is to get from 2-10, so once you find your rhythm it's just a matter of consistent practice to pile on the reps.


Watch these videos (Kipping Pull-Ups Part 1 and Part 2) to see some of these progressions broken down. As always, ask a coach if you need any help with these steps!

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WOD 7.17.14

At 0:00
30-20-10 reps for time:
Kettlebell Swings 72/53
Push Ups 

at 15:00
21-15-9 reps for time:
Dumbbell Thrusters
Pull Ups or Jumping Pull Ups 

At 0:00
9-6-3 reps for time:
Muscle Ups
Squat Clean Thrusters 155/105 

At 15:00
21-15-9 reps for time of:
Pull Ups

Post time and Rx to comments.

Kayleigh is in Park City, Utah and after scaling a 10,000 ft. mountain, she realized, "I'm wearing my CFSBK shirt and I'm really high up—I should try a pistol." Get it, girl! And come home to us soon!

Erik Kolb Update

Last week, we made the sad announcement that one of our members, Erik Kolb, died at the end of May. Many of you reached out and asked how you might be able to help, and Shawn S. did some research and discovered that Lafayette College (where Erik went to college) has a memorial scholarship set up in Erik’s name. Should you feel so inclined, there are three ways to donate: 

1) Go to their online donation page and put Erik’s name into the "in memory of" section of the form.
2) Send a check payable to Lafayette College with "in memory of Erik Britton Kolb" in the memo field to: Development Office, Lafayette College, Box 3000 Easton, PA 18042
3) Call the development office at 610.330.5034 and give them your credit card information and specific fund instructions over the phone. 

Lafayette will send the family notifications of any donations made. Thank you, Shawn!

Upcoming Competitions

Interested in putting your CrossFit training to the test? Consider signing up for one of the following competitions:

2014 Subway Series
Registration is still open for all four of the Subway Series events. The first one takes place on Sunday, August 3rd at CrossFit LIC.  More information can be found on the event page.  

Flex on the Beach—Long Beach
Teams of 4 athletes complete 3 WODs on the beach Saturday, 13 September 2014. Each team consists of 2 men and 2 women. Rx’d and Scaled divisions available. Additional details can be found here.

If you are interested in competing, please email Coach MeLo, at melissa [at]

Run a 10K Time Trial Tomorrow Morning

Calling runners with advanced or elite development goals! CFSBK’s Endurance Coach Michael O. is pacing and recording a 10K for time with CFSBK marathon-athlete Evan R. this Friday at 6am in Prospect Park. This is a peak of 10K training to test sustainable speed and power before entering a NYC Marathon training program. If you have any big marathon goals (i.e., sub-40:00 10K time), consider joining these gentlemen tomorrow morning to set a great benchmark for your marathon journey.

When: 6am SHARP for warm-ups tomorrow, Friday the 18th
Where: Prospect Park Grand Army entrance

If interested, you must e-mail michael.olzinski [at] to let him know you’re coming. 

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Clean and Jerk | Front Squat

Fitness: Clean and Jerk
Spend 15 minutes working up to a heavy clean and jerk. If you have a hard time organizing the first pull, then perform the clean from the hang. 

Performance: Clean and Jerk 1-1-1
Warm up and take three attempts at a new PR.

Front Squat

Fitness: 3-3-3-3-3, Establish a new 3RM
Start your first attempt at or near your last 3x5 weight.

Performance: 1RM Test
Warm up to 80% for a single then:
100%x1 (this would in fact be a new 1RM)
105% + if still moving
Remember to use the same theoretical max you've been using all cycle. 

Post loads to comments.

Jenna J. loves her Herondale Farm eggs!

  • Happy birthday, Shawn T.

Eggs for Sale + CSA Pickup Tonight

Herondale Farm eggs will be available for purchase today from 6-8:30 during the CSA pickup, $6/dozen. Please bring small bills. Veg and flower pickup is also tonight, as usual!

Want to Get Better at Handstands? 

Now is your chance. Join guest gymnastics coach Ken H. THIS SATURDAY as he takes you through a 1.5 hour class working on handstands, arm balances, walking on your hands, headstands, and other fun balances that engage your core.

No need for prior need for handstand experience! Just the desire to practice being upside down.

Time: Saturday, July 19th, 2-3:30pm
Cost: $20 

The class is capped at 8 participants, so don’t think twice! Register Here! 

Ken Haller's Bio
Ken was a nationally competitive gymnast in Newton, MA and at the University of Michigan. After graduating, Ken coached for eight years at Capital Gymnastics in Northern Virginia where he coached regional and national champions. His students have gone on to be NCAA champions and members of Cirque du Soliel. In searching for an activity to replace gymnastics, Ken filled the void with rock climbing and yoga for the past ten years and recently found CrossFit to round out his training.

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Rest Day

July Athlete of the Month: Janelle Barth

We're back, with another addition to your favorite series: Athlete of the Month! Janelle has been quietly and consistently improving since she walked through the roll-up gate at CFSBK two years ago. Her calm approach to the bar and her willingness to push her limits have had her knocking on the AOM door for a while now. Plus, jello shots. Read on for more about another standout SBKer!

Fox: Hey Janelle, congrats on being an Athlete of the Month! Starting from the beginning, when did you first start CrossFit? 

Janelle: I started at CFSBK in January of 2012. I had already been doing some CrossFit WODs with a trainer I was working with at the time who was a CrossFit enthusiast. She also introduced me to barbell training and I was into it but had a few nagging injuries. Mike and Noah (Janelle’s hubby and brother-in-law, respectively) had just finished a Foundations cycle with you and Jess and urged me to give it a try. I was looking to learn to perform the movements properly and possibly join South Brooklyn so I scheduled a PT session to test out of Foundations. Honestly I was intimidated and thought it was a real possibility that I wouldn’t pass the test out and have an excuse to not join. But as fate would have it, I passed. I started with a 2x/week and quickly moved to 5x/week. 

Fox: As I recall, I had the pleasure of doing your test out session. It’s great that your previous trainer introduced you not only to the conditioning aspect of CrossFit, but also to the barbell lifts. You’ve been training pretty consistently since you started with us. What is it about CrossFit that strikes a chord with you? 

Janelle: At first it was the attention to detail and the coaching. I liked CrossFit but wanted to move well and not be injured. The gym quickly became my community though, and that’s a large part of why I keep coming back. Previous to SBK, I’d been involved in a bunch of sports leagues while I lived in Pittsburgh, PA that provided a social outlet and I was missing that. I’m the type of person who can be nervous as the “new girl” but at CFSBK I felt at home right away. It felt like I’d found my people. I slowly started enjoying some of the social events and making friends, making jello shots helped with the latter. Now almost three years later I have strong friendships through the gym. Just chatting on the mat is a nice part of this place. There’s always a coach's set of eyes on you, paying attention and motivating you. I also like the tangible aspect of fitness in CrossFit. Strength cycle really taught me the value of journaling so I can tell you that my first squat exposure in Strength was at 95 pounds, and after my third time through the program, I hit a 200 pound PR at a total. Strength cycle is a great way to experience a different part of the SBK while still being a part of the community. I see myself bouncing back to it in the future. 

Fox: Doubling your squat in a few months is amazing! I remember, as do many of us I’m sure, the first year you and Mike brought those jello shots. You guys won a lot of people over that night. You mentioned sports leagues, what did you play? 

Janelle: Those jello shots are so tedious but totally worth it! More like what didn’t I play. I was on teams for flag football, volleyball, kickball, softball, you name it. Not to brag but, I was pretty good. Teams would poach me as a ringer. I was kind of a big deal (laughs). I did that stuff as much for the sport and fitness as I did for the social aspect. I don’t play anything anymore since CrossFit fills that role, but I have recently joined a Jack Rabbit running group in the city. After a few strength cycles I wanted to get back to a more diverse level of fitness so I’m doing a few group classes a week in addition to the running group. I’ll be doing my first race in three years this fall. 

Fox: I really like the idea of you fielding offers from competing dodgeball teams! Tell us a little about you outside of the gym. Where are you from, and what do you do outside of the gym? 

Janelle: I grew up in Wheatley Heights, Long Island and had a seemingly idyllic childhood. My sister and I are first-generation American children of a Trinidadian dad and a Croatian mom. Our parents went out of their way to provide us a cookie-cutter life but I still always seemed to feel out of place. I really didn’t feel like I fit in anywhere until I went away to camp. I spent my first summer at Incarnation Camp in Connecticut when I was 12 and then every summer after until I eventually wound up working as a counselor there. That place was and still is so special to me. It’s where I met Mike and where we actually had our wedding. Our first “date” was a Scrabble game at camp, and he’ll tell you he let me win. Funny thing though is he still hasn’t beat me! As far as what else I do there’s actually a lot at the moment. Since I’m between jobs, I’m using the time to improve my skillset. I’ve worked as an operations manager in a few fields but truly enjoy early childhood development and education. My passion is improving the lives of kids. I like to bake and knit for fun, and Mike and I love to explore the world both abroad and locally. On our to-do list for this summer is to walk across every bridge in New York City. It’s a great way to see a new neighborhood and experience the food and art it has to offer. Further from home I’d have to say that my favorite trips so far have been a cruise we took to the Panama Canal, which really can’t be described it was so amazing, and our honeymoon in Hawaii. The Big Island was the best. We went from the rainforest to the mountains in the same day. The constellations we saw on that mountain will stay with me forever. 

Fox: That trip sounds amazing! As does the idea of getting to new parts of the city and walking the bridges. Great stuff, Janelle. I have my last stock question for you. What should we look for in a future Athlete of the Month?

Janelle: Someone who is coachable and willing to get outside their comfort zone. I remember gulping when I saw the number 170 on the board for my squats in Strength Cycle. I was nervous but I trusted Jeremy so I did it. That’s a good place for people to go sometimes. That and someone who takes care of the space and equipment. Put your dumbbells and plates back where they came from, people! 

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Press | WOD 7.14.14

Fitness: 5 Rep Max
Add 2 to 5 lbs to last week. 

Performance87.5% x 4 x 4, then 85% x 4 x 4
Rest less than two minutes between sets.  

Post loads to comments.

In one minute perform:
5 Deadlifts 275/185
AMRAP Double Unders for 8 Rounds

Rest 1 minute between rounds, repeat 8 times. Score deadlift weight and total number of double unders.

Post loads and total to comments.

CFSBK's 8am-ers go Kitchensurfing

News and Notes 

  • Happy birthday, Grace D.
  • CrossFit 718 is relocating this summer to 26th Street & 3rd Avenue, and they’re having a party! 718 Coaches Tammyli and Israel would love for any and all CFSBKers to join them at their new box to celebrate on August 2nd from 9am-2pm with a tough WOD and lots of champagne (and sweat-free raffles and giveaways). Check out their Facebook event page here.
  • Another Monday, another new ITA post, and this time, it's a Q&A about starting your own affiliate. Head over to Inside the Affiliate to check out "Your Fran Time Doesn't Matter: Starting a Good CrossFit Gym."
  • Yesterday was Charlie L.'s last day at CFSBK as he has joined the exodus to New Jerz. Charlie, you will be missed!

Kitchensurfing in Brooklyn

Last week, some of our 8am regulars got together to… kitchensurf? It’s not what it sounds like—there were no surfboards involved, just the delicious food pictured above. Austen I. and Dan K. work for a company in Brooklyn called Kitchensurfing, which is an online marketplace that allows you to find outstanding local chefs to cook for you, in your very own home. The chef they booked was Linda Sarris, and more flicks of her delicious treats are in our Flickr account, all shot by CFSBK's talented Susan P

If you’d like to jump on the kitchensurfing train, Austen and Dan have a $50 off coupon for CFSBK who want to have their first Kitchensurfing meal. The code is: cfsbk. 

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Deadlift or Power Clean and Jerk | WOD 7.13.14

Fitness: Deadlift: 4 x 2
Add 5-15 pounds. It should be getting heavy, but maintain a perfect spine.

Performance: Power Clean + Push Jerk + Split Jerk at 75% x (1+1+1) x 5 
Use 75% of Wednesday's number. Buy-in is 1.25xBW clean and jerk for men, 1xBW for women.

Post loads to comments.

For Time:
50 Calorie Row
40 Thrusters 75/55
30 Kettlebell Swings 53/35
20 Burpees
10 Muscle Ups 

If you can't perform muscle ups, then sub 20 chest-to-bar or jumping pull-ups.

Post time and Rx to comments.

Miguel mid-pull on the snatch

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Snatch | Back Squat

Fitness: Mid Hang Snatch + Knee Hang Snatch
Work up to something heavy on the complex.

1) 3 Position Snatch (High Hang + Knee + Deck)
Work up to a heavy single on the 3 position snatch. 

2) Snatch Pull (not a high pull) at 110% x 3 x 3
Use 110% of your 1RM snatch.


Back Squat 

Fitness: 3 x 5 Linear Progression
Add 5-10 pounds to last week's weight. 

Performance: 82.5% x 4 x 4, 80% x 4 x 4
Rest less than two minutes between sets. 

Post loads to comments.

Diligent journalers: you have ONE WEEK to claim your book. Please temporarily transfer your new books to the big bin so we can see which ones are active and which ones are not. Thanks! Management

News and Notes

  • Good luck to all our CFSBK ladies competing in HAIL TO THE QUEEN at CrossFit Queens today! These ladies will take on three grueiling WODs to see who is the Queen Bee of CrossFit!
  • There is no Yoga for Athletes at 10am today
  • Check out AR with Coach David at 11am and 12pm.
  • So you need something to do after the World Cup final, right? Come to pub quiz with Stella Z. tomorrow! The trivia will have nothing to do with soccer. Smart in DUMBO, 7 PM on Sunday, 68 Jay St Bar, Brooklyn. 

Last Chance to Train Your Dogs at CFSBK!

Anthony Newman, New York magazine’s pick for Best Dog Trainer of 2013 and owner of Calm Energy Dog Training, is coming to CFSBK to train your dogs! But you must sign up by today by emailing Mare at mare [at]

When: Saturday, August 2, 2014, at 2:15pm
What: a 90-minute workshop will meet at CFSBK and include obedience exercises in real-world situations, techniques for calm city walking (including a packwalk down to the local dog park), and followed by a Q&A
Where: your favorite gym
Cost: Specially-discounted cost for SBK: $55 per person/dog, which will drop to $45 if at least 10 people sign up

This event is open to CFSBK members and their friends and dogs of all sizes, provided they are basically social and non-aggressive. 

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