Clean and Jerk

EMOM 8 Minutes:
1 Power Clean and Push Jerk at about 80-85% 1RM

AMRAP 5 minutes:
Power Clean and Jerk 155/105

Scale to 75% of your EMOM weight if you can't do the Rx'd loads.

Post loads and then rx and reps to comments.
CJ e5/6

5 Rounds NFT of:
10 Push Ups or 5 Ring Dips
14 Goblet Lunges (7ea)
20 Hollow Rocks

Jeremiah takes on 14.1

  • Don't forget about our UFC screening starting this Saturday right after group classes and the Brooklyn Get Down dance party/event the following Saturday.
  • Don't forget that 14.2 will be announced tonight starting at 8:00pm! Stay tuned to the Games site for the live announcement.
  • CFSBK has pulling a double dip on! Today our own Zach H is the mainsite picture and yesterday they posted the article about CRASH Bs including Coach Nick, Katie M and Sarah M! Go team!

Transitioning from the Look, Feel, Perform Better Challenge

The LFPB challenge ended a few weeks ago and many of you are still adjusting to finding a balance between the challenge parameters and allowing some more flexibility while still making progress with your goals. To start, take some time to honestly evaluate where you did well and where you failed. As we discussed in a previous post, you could learn a lot about yourself and the people you associate with by examining the time you made decisions that weren’t health supportive. One easy easy way to continue and improve success is to do more of what worked for you, whatever it was. You’ve already got that ball rolling so stay with it. Then you can begin to experiment with improving one or two things you had trouble with. Just as you wouldn’t expect to enter the gym and go from a 95 pound squat to a 365 pound squat in a few weeks, changing nutrition and lifestyle habits for the better will take some time. Be patient and start acting on one or two, and only one or two things. Recognize that you will only succeed with the way that is appropriate for you, not anyone else. Even if the person you share a squat rack with every Wednesday did “x” and had amazing, painless results, that does not mean that the same things will work in the same way for you. Below are a few considerations depending on which path you were on for the challenge.

Level 1 Eater (aka, traditional Paleo approach)
Did you do well eating better quality foods and have a few notable improvements? Great! If you’re still going in the right direction then simply keep at it. Remember, be patient. If you’ve stalled a bit then you should now start to work on some quantity control as well. If you are still trying to lose body fat then you can use a few time tested principles that don’t require a scale or a measuring cup.

  • Eat slowly. Many people are in the habit of eating on the go and it isn’t doing us any favors. Sit down, slow down, and chew your food. Have a meal time instead of a meal “for time”. You will digest your food better, getting more out of it, and likely eat less. An old school bulking tactic is to eat as fast as possible, before your body knows it’s full. Your satiety cues are more easily recognized when you eat slowly than when you’re in a feeding frenzy. When you eat more slowly it makes it easier to eat what we need instead of what we want.
  • Eat to 80% full. Slowing down will help tremendously with this. This can be the most important habit to work on to maintain a lean, healthy body. Don’t worry about being exact with it, you probably can’t anyway. When you think you might be full enough simply wait a minute or two before deciding whether or not you need more food. If the answer is no then you’re done, regardless of what’s on your plate. Pack it to go or toss it out. If the answer is yes then eat some more before asking yourself the same question again.
  • Eat protein with every meal and snack. Protein is the macronutrient that will help most with satiety and the one that helps with a sense of satiety the most. It’s the building block of your body. Eat some quality and protein at every meal and round it out with some produce and healthy fat.

Level 1 Eater (aka, traditional Paleo approach) and want to gain weight or stop losing?

  • Eat more at each meal, or add in a meal or snack. Simple, yes?
  • Add in some whole fat dairy post-training, particularly on lifting days.
  • Add more starch to your diet. Plantains, yucca, yams, root veg, and white potatoes (sans skin) are all good options.

Level 2 Eater (aka, The Zone)
Did you do well but started to freak out at the site of your scale? You can relax the weighing and measuring a bit and use the knowledge you gained over the last six weeks.

  • Use the internal scale you developed over the past six weeks. Eyeball portions and be honest about it.
  • Include all the macros (protein, carbohydrate, and fat) on your plate at each meal. Don’t be ok with letting a meal slide with no protein.
  • Do your best when eating out. If you’re solo dining then you might try ordering an app or two, they often are enough food for a meal. If you’re out with others then share plates, the extra plate charge isn’t a big deal. If you feel cheap for splitting meals (I know I do) then tip extra well. You’ll still save coin, and will be healthier for it. You could also simply be ok with taking food home or leaving it on the plate.

Level 2 Eater (aka, The Zone) and want to stop losing weight?

  • Add in more fat blocks. Start by doubling them. So, if you were eating 14 blocks each day try eating 14 blocks of protein and fat, and eating 28 fat blocks spread throughout the day
  • Add a post training recovery shake that you don’t count towards your blocks. About 25-30 grams of whey protein and 25-50 grams of dextrose for guys, or 15-20 grams whey and 20-30 grams of dextrose for gals will go a long way toward taking advantage of the post training anabolic window. This works best if your goal is to gain mass. *You could also have the whey protein with 1-3 bananas or 1-1.5 cups of grapes instead of the dextrose.
  • Add in some post training whole fat dairy. A pint of milk (or chocolate milk) can be great.

Keep in mind that healthy eating doesn’t mean perfect eating. Here is a great article from the folks over at Precision Nutrition on what what Healthy Eating really is, and what it isn’t.

Remember... Be nice to yourself!
Also, check out Coach Fox and a bunch of other CFSBKers on Business Insider in part two of their video series on CrossFit!


Low Bar Back Squat

Performance: 5/3/1 "3 Week"
70%x3, 80%x3, 90%x3+

Fitness: 2x10
Linear Progression

Post loads to comments.
LBBSQ e5/6

15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:

Front Squats 115/75
Pull Up or Jumping C2B Pull-Ups

If you're doing strict, unassisted pull-ups consider scaling volume to: 12-9-6-3-1 or 6-5-4-3-2

Post time and Rx to comments.

The CFSBK Endurance Team warming up in the bitter cold

Free UFC PPV Screening this Saturday

This Saturday starting at 2:00pm CFSBK will be screening the UFC PPV on the big screen. All are welcome to pull up a mat and watch the action for free. BYOB!

Event: UFC Fight Night 37: "Gustafsson vs. Manuwa"
Location: O2 Arena in London, England

Main Event:
205 lbs.: Alexander "The Mauler" Gustafsson (15-2 MMA, 7-2 UFC) vs. undefeated striking specialist Jimi "Poster Boy" Manuwa (14-0 MMA, 3-0 UFC)

Fight Pass Main Card (3 p.m. ET):
155 lbs.: Melvin Guillard vs. Michael Johnson
125 lbs.: Ian McCall vs. Brad Pickett
170 lbs.: Omari Akhmedov vs. Gunnar Nelson

Fight Pass Prelims (12:30 p.m. ET) Screening will start at 2:00pm, not all matches will be broadcast
185 lbs.: Cyrille Diabate vs. Ilir Latifi
185 lbs.: Luke Barnatt vs. Mats Nilsson
185 lbs.: Brad Scott vs. Claudio Henrique da Silva
135 lbs.: Roland Delorme vs. Davey Grant
170 lbs.: Igor Araujo vs. Danny Mitchell
125 lbs.: Louis Gaudinot vs. Phil Harris

Who is your favorite MMA Fighter of all time?
A Day at the Office with Rich Froning CrossFit
New Marijuana Study Says Everyone Knows You're High And You'll Likely Be Stoned Forever


Rest Day

Thanks to everyone who came out to our TWO snow shoe trips this weekend. Special thanks to cruise director Mare L for organizing yet again!
More photos can be found on our Flickr account

  • Reminder that there is NO Active Recovery tonight!

14.1 in the Books

The first week of the 2014 CrossFit Open is officially over. 14.1 was a test of basic work capacity and coordinationg with the jump rope. Congratulations to all who tackled it.  Please let us know about your experience with 14.1 and what you think next week will be in the comments section.

Week 1 CFSBK Men's Leaderboard
Week 1 CFSBK Women's Leaderboard


Coach Nick's brother has made a short psychological thriller called "Harmon," and he needs under $10,000 to defray some costs associated with post-production, promotion, getting into festivals, etc. Check out his Kickstarter page and watch the trailer – and the pitch – to learn more.

Every little bit counts! Even if you just give $5 – ONE dollar – it'll make a difference. Part of the game is simply getting as many participants as possible.

Thanks for considering it!

Thank you to everyone who voted for Inside the Affiliate in Breaking Muscles Best Fitness Blogs of 2014 Contest. We made the top 20! Winners will be announed on March 10th. CrossFit your fingers that we make the cut to the top 10.


Push Press

90%x2x5 of last weeks heavy double.

Work on cycling these and not resting in the rack position. If 90% is too heavy to cycle then work at a lighter load. If you didn't hit last week's push presses, find a heavy double and perform five sets across there.

Post loads to comments.
PP e5/6

For Time:
40 Wall Ball Shots
400m Run
40 Burpees
400m Run

Post time and Rx to comments.

The Brooklyn Get Down at CFSBK

CFSBK is hosting a party/fundraiser for the Brooklyn Community Foundation. The proceeds from this event will benefit local non-profit organizations. The event will honor CFSBK for our Fight Gone Bad contributions to the local community. All are welcome to attend for drinks, food and dancing. BCF is offering two levels of tickets -- $30 "Rookie" admission which includes 2 tickets that can be used for drinks or raffle entry and $55 "Pro" admission with 10 tickets for drinks/raffle entry.  Both levels are specially discounted for CFSBK members. 

Purchase Tickets Here

NEW Fish CSA! Sign Up Info Below!

Ready to sign up for a fish share with Village Fishmonger? Here's how:
  1. Go to the Village Fishmonger website (
  2. Click on 'Sign Up For Fish Shares'
  3. Choose your pick-up location, in this case, CrossFit South Brooklyn
  4. Choose from these 2 share sizes and be sure to choose the 'CrossFit South Brooklyn' schedule:
    1. Small Share:  ~1 lb per distribution, monthly schedule, which will comfortably feed a family of 2 for 1 meal.
      1. Monthly schedule --> 6 distributions x 16.50 per week = $99.00
    2. Medium Share:  ~2 lb per distribution, bi-weekly schedule, which will comfortably feed a family of 2 for 2 meals.
      1. Monthly schedule --> 6 distributions x 33.00 per week = $198.00
  5. Choose your Add-Ons: You have the ability to add the following to your distribution to be received along with your main share: Clams, Oysters, Scallops.  Be sure to choose the 'CrossFit South Brooklyn' schedule.
  6. Choose the 'Bi-Weekly' payment plan.  Even though CFSB has a monthly distribution schedule, the Bi-Weekly payment plan will allow you to pay for 6 distributions upfront.
  7. You will need to then create a Farmigo account to continue with the sign-up process.
  8. For payment you can choose from:
    1. Debit/Credit Card --> This is a one time payment with a debit or credit card
    2. Automatically Recurring Payments - Debit/Credit Card --> You will be opting into the auto-renewal option so that after every 6 distributions, your card will be automatically charged for the next 6 distributions.
  9. In the sign-up comments box, note any allergies (shellfish) or dietary restrictions (low mercury for expectant and nursing mothers, kosher for those who would like to eliminate non-kosher fish from their shares), if any.
  10. Go to our pick-up on the delivery date and pick up your seafood!
Still have questions? Email mignyc at gmail dot com!
CFSBK Open Athletes: Please remember to have your 14.1 scores submitted today at 8pm in order to continue with the Open.

The Benefits of Open Gym Sessions at CrossFit Affiliates Inside the Affiliate


Performance: 5/3/1 "5 Week"
65%x5, 75%x5, 85x5+

Loss of a neutral back position will automatically end your rep out.

Fitness: 1x5 Linear Progression
Add 5-10lbs from last week's exposure.

Post loads to comments.
DL e4/6

Row As Many Calories as Possible in 10 Minutes

Post total calories rowed to comments.

Ring Inversions or Skin the Cats 101

2013 CrossFit Games Champ Sam Briggs gets 472 reps on 14.1. That's 10 Rounds + 22 Double Unders

Sunday Updates and Notes


  • Today at 2:00pm Coach Jeremy's Strength Cyclers will be competing in the CrossFit Total! Come see some big iron move!
  • The Foxes are on vacation! There is No Active Recovery today or this Tuesday evening.
  • CFSBK OG Sarah LR will be leaving New York for San Fran to embark on a career as a primary care clinician this week. All are welcome to her going away party today at the Whole Foods indoor roof today from 2-6pm. Bon Voyage, SLR!!!! CFSBK will miss you!

TODAY! Village Fishmonger at CFSBK for Fish CSA Meet & Greet

Village Fishmonger will be in the house today from 10:45-1:15 to answer questions and get you psyched to join our new Fish CSA. Stop by to ask questions about this new CSA opportunity.

Village Fishmonger is excited to start offering deliciously fresh, local seafood shares in partnership with CrossFit South Brooklyn!  Our fish and shellfish are sourced directly from local fishermen and shellfish harvesters, which we then process and package for you in our kitchen in Brooklyn. You'll be able to sign-up to pick-up fresh, local seafood on the same days and times that meat shares are delivered: the first or second Wednesdays of the month (see below.) Sign up by Sunday 3.9 to participate in the first delivery on Wednesday 3.12.
We offer a 1 lb or 2 lb size share of mostly finfish, plus add-on shares of clams, oysters, and scallops as well as a la carte items that can be ordered on a distribution by distribution basis.  Low-mercury, allergy-sensitive, and Kosher options are available too. Note that only those households that sign up for a subscription can order a la carte items.

The fish CSA will require a 6-month commitment. All signups and payment are handled on the Village Fishmonger site.

Wondering what to do with your share? There are recipes on the Village Fishmonger site, and Michele will also be posting recipes on her blog, and on the gym blog. Not ready to cook it when you get it home? Pop it in the freezer.

The Last, Disposable Action Hero NYT
Klokov does 225lb Isabel in 5:47

Open Workout 14.1

As many rounds in 10 minutes as possible of:
30 Double Unders
15 Power Snatches, 75/55

Post rounds completed to comments.
compare to 10.3.13

4 Rounds NFT of:
20 Russian Kettlebell Swings
10 Goblet Squats
10 Ring Rows

Whiteboard Review

Rich Froning got 444 Reps on today's workout.. after deadlifting 530x3


Rest Day

Alan L Overhead Squatting during the recent Frostbite Challenge
See some more cool pics on our Flickr account

Programming Note at 14.1 Reminder

As you may have noticed, 14.1 is basically what we programmed for yesterday's conditioning work (conspiracy, coincidence or collective unconsciousness phenomenon?).  In any case, folks who are coming in today to do yesterdays Clean and Jerk and want to do 14.1 on Saturday will be given the alternate programming option of:

15 Minutes NFRs of:
Row 250m
25 Weighted Sit-Ups
5-10 Strict Chin-Ups

Also, if you're registered for the Open, please review the movement standards from the Games site and please make sure a coach knows you're registered before attempting a workout. We need to make sure people have judges, the judges understand the standards and that you've got an official score card which can be picked up at the Front Desk.

When you complete your workout, please tear off the bottom half for yourself and leave the top half with the Front Desk. Submit your scores to the games site no later than 8pm on Monday night otherwise you will not be able to present a score.

There are currently over 190,000 competitors registered for the 2014 CrossFit Open. How will you stack up?
Watch Garret Fisher and Marcus Hendren taking on 14.1