Snatch | Back Squat

Fitness: Halting Snatch Deadlift + Snatch
If you have a difficult time pulling from the floor, then perform the Snatch from the mid-hang after the deadlift. 

1) Snatch 1-1-1

2) Snatch 70% x 2 x 2

Back Squat 

Fitness: 3 x 5 Linear Progression
Add 5-10 pounds to last week's weight. 

Performance: 72.5% x 8 x 4
Rest less than two minutes between sets. Use 105% of the 1RM you used for last cycle.

Post loads to comments.

Optional Cash-Out
With a partner, complete 150 Wall Ball shots as quickly as possible.

If you did the performance version of Thursdays WOD you might consider cashing out spending some quality time with a foam roller instead.

David's view from the 2014 CrossFit North East Regional. This video was taken during the final men's heat of "The 50's" event. This was one of the most exciting and nerve racking events to watch this year!


  • Happy Birthday, David L.!
  • There is no Yoga for Athletes or Active Recovery today since both Coach Whitney and DO are away this weekend.

Come Forage in Prospect Park Tomorrow!

Let your natural hunter-gatherer come forth and take your Paleo diet to the next level as we join naturalist Steve Brill for one of his foraging tours right in our backyard in search of seasonal edible and medicinal wild plants and mushrooms. The tour will be TOMORROW, Sunday, June 22, meeting at Grand Army Plaza at 11:45am. $20 suggested donation for the four-hour tour. Email mare [at] if you have any questions!.

CrossFit Texoma converted an old roller rink into their current gym. Check out this amazing box!


Rest Day

 I'm just back from a great week-long trek through the Cordillera Blanca of Peru. This is me at 14,000 feet, near Mt Taulliraju in my favorite CrossFit South Brooklyn tank....All those miserable weighted lunges we've been doing helped me make it over that mountain pass the next day!

I'm so thankful for such an incredible gym & program, it's been totally the highlight of my spring to join and have the real fun of working out with a great group of coaches & friends

Warmly, Jynne

News and Notes

  • Did you lose something? Check out our Flickr Page for themost recent batch of items left in the lost and found. Slacks, tarps, buisness books.. there's no limits to what can be found in our L&F Bin!
  • Good luck to the Calaveras, CFSBK's softball team, who are playing tonight at 6:15pm. Head over to the Red Hook ball fields to cheer them on.
  • There is NO ACTIVE RECOVERY tomorrow since Coach DO will be out of town.
  • Happy Birthday Michele K.!

How to Be a Good Bar Partner

By Chris Fox 

We’re not speaking about how to help a friend get lucky by being a good wing man or woman here—we’re going to discuss seven ways you can be a solid bar mate when paired up with others during one of the lifting segments of a group class at CFSBK. 

1. Be ready to lift. This seems simple enough. After all, that’s what you’re going to do in a moment. Have your lifting gear—shoes, wraps, tape, belt, sleeves, special clean and jerk PR shirt, whatever—on you by the time your coach pairs you out to lift. 

2. Have your numbers planned. Obviously you need to know this so a coach can pair you on a rack, and this goes especially for the slow lifts where there shouldn’t really be any guessing. This is where good journaling comes into play. Knowing what you squatted last week, what you plan to hit this week, and what your warm up sets will look like will help you be efficient during the warm ups so you can rest between work sets. I’m always amazed when it’s 10 minutes into lifting time and a rack is still warming up. If you don’t know what you’re loading on the bar, then at best you’ll waste some of your lifting time. Even worse, you’ll waste your classmate’s time. This is by far the biggest time suck we notice during classes. Having a plan for your warm up sets will allow you to make practical decisions for your warm ups and also be flexible for the sake of keeping the flow moving. 

3. Be present, especially if you are spotting someone. I don’t think I need to explain why you should be present when spotting but I’ve seen people drift off while doing it. I once had to “ask” someone not to be on their phone when spotting the bench press. Related to this, understand how to spot a lift. We’re only talking about the bench press and the back squat here. What we expect might be different than what you learned in the high school weight room, so if you’re not sure how we spot these lifts at CFSBK, ask a coach. Even while not spotting, being present with your rack mates is a good idea. You’ll often lift with the same few people for a cycle on a lift. It’s nice to know a bit about them and enjoy the time. I don’t mean you need to force idle chitchat, but an extra pair of eyes can be helpful, as can words and cues of support. Additionally, being present ensures that you’re being mindful of things around you and your partner’s rack. Extraneous bumpers lying in the way of a potential bail can cause a bar to take an unpredictable path, as can someone walking into a heavy bar on someone’s back. Being aware of your surroundings can head off avoidable injuries. Be in control instead of wondering what’s going to happen. 

4. Keep it in bounds. While we expect people to be engaged and help their partners, remember that you are not a coach and shouldn't take over all the cueing adjustments/programming in your platform. It's a fine line to find for some people but when in doubt ask a coach and always defer to the advice given by staff. We've heard people with great intentions give bad cueing or suggestions to rack mates. Know thyself. 

5. Be ready for your set. When you’re not ready, you push the person behind you further back on the clock. In busier classes when there are three or even four people in a rack, someone should just about always be lifting. Don’t miss your turn or make your rack run out of time. 

6. Be clean, at least relatively. If the air around you suggests you may not have seen a bar of soap since the X-Files went off the air, it can be unpleasant and distracting to those around you. We work out together in pretty close quarters and get sweaty and sure, we all stink a bit every now and then (like me a few Thursdays ago, sorry!) but do your best to make that the exception, not the rule. Please note that some exercise apparel, especially that tech/wicking stuff, does not wash well—and all exercise gear has a shelf life.

7. Help load and unload the bar. Another pretty self-explanatory one. Share the workload on setup and breakdown—even going as far as to help another rack put stuff away if you’re done. You can’t really do too much here, but you can certainly do too little.

These are just a few things that can help your experience and that of your peers be more effective and enjoyable. Your fitness doesn’t happen in a vacuum at CrossFit South Brooklyn and the stronger we all get, the stronger we all get.

QOD: What’s one quality or habit that you think is important in a bar partner? 

David Attenborough: Origin of Life

I wen undercover to find out why people do CrossFit
NFPL East Vs West Match


WOD 6.19.14

4 Rounds of in 4 minutes complete:
30 Russian Kettlebell Swings 53/35
270m Run
AMRAP Push Ups

4 Rounds of AMRAP 4 Minutes:
15 Thrusters 95/65
5 Muscle Ups 

Rest 4 minutes between rounds.

Post Rx and Push-ups or rounds completed in each of the 4 work intervals.

Global Flexion and Extension

By David Osorio

In the top picture Lauren B. demonstrates a mature hollow position while kipping on the rings. Her body is in global flexion, which means that her thoracic spine and hips are in slight flexion (closed forward) with the back remaining relatively neutral. This position is needed in kipping to effectively transfer forces generated in the swing throughout your entire body. Hollow Rocks and holds are excellent ways to drill these positions into your body and develop the isometric strength needed to transfer the position into more dynamic settings. The moral of the story? Virtuosity in Hollow rocks and holds!

In the bottom picture Lauren is globally extended, which again means that her hips and thoracic spine are in extension with no other extremes in joint positions. Her toes are pointed and together, her knees are extended with the thighs squeezed tight and her head remains relatively neutral. It's common to see athletes break position by flexing their knees, letting their legs drift apart, and over extending in the lower back or at the neck. These faults lead to loss of power transfer and more localized compression moments in your joints. Focus on controlling your body position during these dynamic movements and note how much more effortless and efficient they become.

  • There is no Yoga for Athletes tonight, or on Saturday (6/21), since Coach Whitney is getting her surf on in Costa Rica.

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    The Cinderella at the Ball Double-Under Technique
    Coming Out Twice ASAP Science


    Clean and Jerk | Front Squat 

    Fitness: Halting Clean Deadlift + Clean + Jerk
    Focus on having your weight over your mid foot at the mid hang position. If you have a hard time organizing the pull off the floor, perform the clean from the mid hang, after the clean halting deadlift. 

    1) Clean and Jerk 

    2) High Hang Clean + Knee Hang Clean + Jerk 
    70% x (1+1+1) x 2


    Front Squat

    Fitness: 3 x 5 Linear Progression
    Add 5-10 pounds to last week's weight. 

    Performance: 72.5% x 8 x 4
    Rest less than two minutes between sets. Use 105% of the 1RM you used for last cycle.

    Post loads to comments.

    The proper posture to text on your phone

    Come Forage in Prospect Park THIS SUNDAY!

    Let your natural hunter-gatherer come forth and take your Paleo diet to the next level as we join naturalist Steve Brill for one of his foraging tours right in our backyard in search of seasonal edible and medicinal wild plants and mushrooms. The tour will be on Sunday, June 22, meeting at Grand Army Plaza at 11:45am. $20 suggested donation for the four-hour tour. RSVP to Mare by Friday, June 20 at mare [at] if you'd like to join.

    Three Reasons People Love CrossFit TIME
    Planet Fitness Banned Exercises
    The Brain Knows When There Are Carbs In Your Mouth Pacific Standard
    An introduction to World Cup Soccer


    Rest Day

    Active Recovery at CFSBK

    The original version of this article appeared on David’s blog, Inside the Affiliate.

    Active Recovery (AR) is essentially an hour of mobility and soft tissue maintenance that we offer four times a week at CFSBK. The original version of this program started in 2009 when we began hosting six-class workshops to more directly address the movement restrictions we were seeing in our membership. The few minutes of movement prep built into the beginning of group classes was proving insufficient in terms of instructing and enabling members to really understand their restrictions and learn how to work on them. The goal of implementing specific AR sessions was to help members establish a routine of DIY work outside of class so they could move and perform better in class.

    We realized that an open class format (similar to group classes) would decrease the barriers of entry, providing hour-long sessions that anyone could hop into for some soft tissue lovin’. These classes have been enormously successful, and our members have seen dramatic improvements in their mobility as a result of both attending class and learning to mobilize regularly on their own. 

    Membership Logistics
    CFSBK members can attend one or more of our four weekly AR classes by either dropping in for $15, or by using the class as part of their weekly group class membership. Unlike our group classes, AR is also open to the public. Every once in a while, members bring friends along or visiting athletes attend, but the vast majority of people are active CFSBKers. Despite the popularity of the workshop, we were a little unsure at first if people would actually show up for an hour of pure mobility, but attendance has been consistently high. In fact, part of the impetus for building our recent upstairs annex space was that Active Recovery classes were becoming so large. It’s typical for my Saturday AR classes to have upwards of 20 people in attendance. Each class has a bunch of "regulars" who attend every week and have worked it into their weekly training routines, which is evidence of how important it is to membership. 

    I would be remiss not to mention how influential Kelly Starrett's work has been to our AR program. When Mobility|WOD launched in September of 2010 with the motto “All human beings should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves,” CFSBK’s "tool box" of mobilization methods was much smaller than it is now, and our conceptual approach to dealing with movement issues was far less refined. Along with so many others—CrossFitters and other athletes alike—we are forever grateful for his contributions. I would highly recommend reading Kelly’s book Becoming a Supple Leopard: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance to anyone interested in offering a class similar to Active Recovery. His oeuvre of m|WOD videos are also extremely helpful.  

    Programming + Class Flow
    Since we're catering to an open enrollment of CrossFitters and we've got an entire hour to work with, we keep these classes pretty broad and try to hit most basic positions and systems. I generally write out eight to 10 different mobilizations that I want to cover and usually have to add or delete a few things depending on the flow of the class.

    Since I've already programmed what we're going to do, I start class by asking people to get the tools they're going to use that day so they're on hand when we need them. Sometimes I start with general movement prep like DROMs or something resembling a Crossfit-ified sun salutation, and sometimes we just get right into it. 

    I try to teach one conceptual thing per class, such as reviewing a rule of mobility, explaining how the knee works in general terms that offer insight into how to care for it, or I might even talk about hydration or the bracing sequence. We want to maximize what our athletes are getting out of the time, with the hopes that what we talk about and do in class blooms into the rest of their lives and athletic endeavors. Also… I'm a particularly chatty person and like to engage people in class, with the aim of helping everyone get to know each other better, have fun, and pay less attention to the discomfort of some of the more intense mobilizations.

    So, for example, maybe I'll ask one person what they did the previous evening and they’ll mention a restaurant, which leads to a group conversation about which restaurant has the best burger in town. Or maybe I'll pick a silly question similar to our Question of the Day, and throughout the hour, get each participant to answer. It doesn't really matter how the conversation starts; the most important component is that laughter happens at regular intervals during class. We know that people will keep coming back to our gym not only because the instruction and programming are good, but because it’s a FUN place to be. 

    Closing Thoughts
    We believe AR classes are a fabulous asset for our members because it teaches you how to take care of yourself and listen to your bodies in a more informed way. The classes also provide athletes with a place to go that directly relates to their CrossFit training and is different from any other mobility work, including yoga or massages, since it focuses on actively caring for and improving soft tissue health. Perhaps most importantly, AR creates worthwhile, important conversations at CFSBK about how to get and be better—which is hopefully why we’re all doing CrossFit in the first place.

    So what are you waiting for? Come get mobile tonight with Coach Fox at 6:30pm. Also, remember that Pilates with KH is canceled tonight.

    What is your AR "Money Move", the thing that always seems to hit the right spot and make you feel better afterwards?
    Badass Beauties Fuel for Fire
    Letting Beauty Speak CrossFit

    Press | WOD 6.16.14

    Fitness3 x 5 Linear Progression 
    Add 2.5 to 5 lbs to last week. If there’s still time on the clock then do an additional set. 

    Performance72.5% x 8 x 4
    Rest two minutes between sets.  

    Post loads to comments.

    AMRAP: 8 minutes
    45 Double Unders
    15 Pull Ups or Ring Rows

    Little Clover and Co.

    Become a Dog Whisperer: Training Your Dog with Anthony Newman

    Cesar Millan hasn’t got anything on Anthony Newman of Calm Energy Dog Training. Newman was New York magazine’s pick for Best Dog Trainer of 2013, and he’s visiting CFSBK to train your beloved pooch!

    When: Saturday, August 2, 2014, at 2:15pm
    What: a 90-minute workshop will meet at CFSBK and include obedience exercises in real-world situations, techniques for calm city walking (including a packwalk down to the local dog park), and followed by a Q&A
    Where: your favorite gym
    Cost: Specially-discounted cost for SBK: $55 per person/dog, which will drop to $45 if at least 10 people sign up

    This event is open to CFSBK members and their friends and dogs of all sizes, provided they are basically social and non-aggressive. The deadline to sign-up is Saturday, July 12 and the class will only run if at least 5 people sign up, so jump on it!

    Email Mare at mare [at] to sign-up, and include any specific topics you would like to see covered.  

    Got Plans on Sunday?

    Let your natural hunter-gatherer come forth and take your Paleo diet to the next level as we join naturalist Steve Brill for one of his foraging tours right in our backyard in search of seasonal edible and medicinal wild plants and mushrooms. The tour will be on Sunday, June 22, meeting at Grand Army Plaza at 11:45am. $20 suggested donation for the four-hour tour. RSVP to Mare by Friday, June 20 at mare [at] if you'd like to join. 

    Hips Don't Lie: Deadlifts, Nasty Girls and Wyclef CrossFit


    Power Clean and Push Jerk or Deadlift | Open Workout 14.4

    Fitness: Deadlift: 4 x 2
    Start at or close to your last 3 x 3 weight.

    Performance: Power Clean + Push Jerk at 70% x 2 x 5
    Buy in is 1.25xBW clean and jerk.


    Open Workout 14.4

    AMRAP 14 Minutes
    60 Calorie Row
    50 Toes to Bar
    40 Wall Ball 20/10, 14/9
    30 Power Cleans 135/95
    20 Muscle Ups 

    AMRAP 14 Minutes
    60 Calorie Row
    100 Sit Ups
    40 Wall Ball
    30 Deadlifts (135/95)
    20 Burpees


    Alex and Alan at "Murph" 

    • Active Recovery is at 11am today. Come get supple!

    Happy Father's Day to all our CFSBK dads!