WOD 8.14.08

For time:
Row 800 meters
Odd Object Run, 620 meters
50 Box Jumps, 20"
50 Burpees

Post time and object to comments.

Accessory work:
Weighted Bodyweight Rows
Foam Roll

Brian gets down with some 32" box jumps at CF Oahu

Tight hips and the domino effect on training.


Push or Split Jerk


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Accessory work:
BSQ 82%x5x3
3 Rope Climbs (technique emphasis)

John C. sets up for a Split Jerk

Upcoming additions to your training facility:
15 Jump Ropes, various sizes
Weighted Dip/Pull-up Belt
Myo-Release 6" Ball
Flat Bench x1
York Squat/Bench Rack
300 more lbs of Bumpers (45x2, 35x2, 25x4, 10x4)
10k Barbell x2
Medicine Balls x2 (4/10)

Zone Calculations: Activity Level (Robb Wolf) Via
Sign up for the CrossFit Nutrition Seminar at CrossFit South Brooklyn, Nov 1st.


Front Squat


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Accessory work:
3 Rounds of: Max ring push-ups, Rest 3 minutes
Windmills 3x8

Colette gets primal.

I wanted to thank everyone who has signed up for our Fight Gone Bad Charity Event! We created the FGB home page so that you can easily direct friends and family to an overview of the program as well as a direct link to your personal profile.  Whoever raises the most money will receive a complimentary personal training session to prepare for the event!



For time:
150 Wallball Shots, 20/14 lb ball

Post time to comments.

Accessory work:
Press 80%x5x3
Barbell reverse lunges with FSQ rack, 3x8e


Our Fight Gone Bad team is now 5 strong!  Juliana and Jeremy are our newest additions.
Heaviest Man approaching weight loss record on ZONE DIET.
Who has signed up for the Nutrition Seminar so far?


WOD 8.08.08

40 pound Dumbbell squat snatch, left arm, 21 reps
40 pound Dumbbell squat snatch, right arm, 21 reps
42 Pull-ups
40 pound Dumbbell squat snatch, left arm, 15 reps
40 pound Dumbbell squat snatch, right arm, 15 reps
30 Pull-ups
40 pound Dumbbell squat snatch, left arm, 9 reps
40 pound Dumbbell squat snatch, right arm, 9 reps
18 Pull-ups

Post time to comments.


For those of you (everyone, right?) participating in the Burpee Challenge, we've put together a little page with an overview and a counter you can download to keep track of your numbers. Today is 4 Burpees for those on board and 10 for everyone else to buy in.
Brooklyn Burpee Challenge

Team South Brooklyn is beginning to shape up for the Fight Gone Bad charity event. Have you signed up yet? We will host your profile page so you can easily refer your friends and family to the link below.
Fight Gone Bad 3 at CrossFit South Brooklyn

On Saturday, November 1st CFSBK will be hosting a CrossFit Nutrition Seminar

Spend 1 day with Coach Robb Wolf learning the art and science of
performance nutrition. The day will include lecture and theory of
performance eating, recovery and optimizing health and longevity.
Significant emphasis will be placed on the PRACTICAL implementation of
Paleo/Zone concepts including cooking demonstrations, how to shop,
eating on the road and more. By the end of the day you and your clients
will have no more excuses why you cannot feed and water yourself for
optimum performance!

Robb Wolf is a former research biochemist specializing in lipid
metabolism. His CV includes research at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer
Research Center and graduate work with Prof. Loren Cordain of Colorado
State University, author of The Paleo Diet and The Paleo Diet for Athletes. Robb is a co-founder of the CrossFit NorCal (the 4th CrossFit Affiliate), a review editor for the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, and a co-founder of
The Performance Menu.

Sign up Today!!
Robb Wolf Interview Pt. 1
Robb Wolf Interview Pt. 2
Robb Wolf Interview Pt. 3


WOD 8.04.09

4 Rounds of:
Max Ring Dips
Rest 3 Minutes

Post Reps to comments

Accessory work

Back Squat 80%x5x3 (Focus: Hip Drive, "Bounce", ROM)
Foam Roll Hamstrings and Calves

_MG_2994 copy
Allan and Bethany show off what they learned at CrossFit Virtuosity

For the last three years CrossFit Affiliates from around the country have come together to participate in a "Fight Gone Bad" charity event.  All proceeds from this year's event will go to The Prostate Cancer Foundation and The Wounded Warrior Project. For more information and to sign up, please follow the link below.
Fight Gone Bad 3 at CrossFit South Brooklyn


Fight Gone Bad 5!

2008 Fight Gone Bad 3

2009 Fight Gone Bad 4

One Day - One Workout - Three Causes.

For the fith year in a row, numerous CrossFit affiliates worldwide will do "Fight Gone Bad" to raise funds for 3 great causes: The Livestrong Foundation, Wounded Warrior Project and The CrossFit Foundation.

This will be CrossFit South Brooklyn's third year representing a team. Interested participants should sign up online and create a profile. There is no fee for signing up and no donation minimums. Get your friends and family to sponsor you and have them come out for the event! There will be a post WOD BBQ and party.  Last year we raised over $27,000 for charity!

Link Portal
Register Here!
Fight Gone Bad Demo and Explanation

FGB IV Photo album
FGB III Photo album

Registered Athletes
1. David Osorio
2. J.R. McKechnie
3. David Makowski
4. Paul Steinman
5. Dan McCarthy
6. Noah Abbott
7. AJ Johnson
8. Jessica Fox
9. Christian Fox
10. Avi Soroka
11. Samir Chopra
12. David McGrath
13. Brian Scott
14. Juliana Agudelo
15. David Martin
16. Bjorn Bellenbaum
17. Joe Williams
18. Dan Reshef
19. Josh Martinez
20. Becca Steinman
21. Scott Lundhagen
22. Asta Fivgas
23. Shawn Sadjatumwadee
24. Kate Brash
25. Bethany Benzur
26. Nick Klagge
27. Jessica Bailey
28. Ashley Fothergill
29. Stephanee Rivera
30. Mindy Shikora
31. Matt Ufford
32. Colette Komm
33. Melissa Loranger
34. Katie Mears
35. Scott Jackson
36. Ryan Piester
37. Chris Ahrens
38. Sameer Parekh
39. Sean Buchanan
40. Charmel Rogers
41. Robin Reed
42. Erica Nofi
43. Brian Zimbler
44. Jay Levinson
45. Benjamin Walsh
46. Will Schenk
47. Debbie Parsons
48. Alec Helner
49. Margie Lempert
50. Charles Levinson
51. Jeremy Fisher
52. Jennifer Maldonado
53. Laurel Madar
54. Claire McGowan
55. Josh Lahey
56. Shane Williams
57. Sam McGowan
58. Carlos Guerra
59. Caitlin Conn
60. Jennifer Bishop
61. John McCann-Doyle

Registered Volunteers
Greg N, Michele K, Ariel K, John C, Sam S, Shawn M, Matt Rodbard, Regan F, Mike V


Team 1:
Stefanee R, Dave Mak, Josh M, Juliana A, Dan McC

Team 2:
Melissa L, Scott J, Paul S, Noah A, Kate B

Team 3:
Shawn S, Scott L, Asta F, Brian S, Jessica B

Team 4:
Dan R, David McG, Matt U, Bethany B, Robin R

Team 5:
Charmel R, Chris A, Mindy S, Sameer P, Erica N

Team 6:
Ben W, Becca S, Jess F, Samir C, Sean B

Team 7:
Jenn B, Ashley F, Ryan P, David M, Collette K

Team 8:
Chris F, Brian Z, Katie M, Nick K, Joe W

Team 9:
Alec H, Charles L, J L, Laurel M, Jenn M

Team 10:
Will S, Jeremy F, Claire M, Josh L, Debbie P

Team 11:
Shane W, John MCD, Caitlin Conn, Carlos G, Sam M

Team 12:
David O, Margie L,