Foundations Class 4

+ How are you feeling?

Standing Series A
+ Palms Up
+ Palms Down
+ Over and Back
+ Uni lateral Windmills
+ Torso Rotations
+ Hip Rotations
+ Gillies
+ Knees Out Squat > on off tension hip raise

3 Rounds NFT of:
10 Walking Lunges Each Leg
7 Pull-Ups

Focus Movements
Kettlebell Swings
+ Intro: heels, back, shoulders, relaxed arms.
+ Deadlift KB, "Hike" it back, snap it up
+ Troubleshoot with group, 5 sets of :30 on each.

DB Thrusters
 + Intro, Rack Position, Upright Squat, Explode Overhead
 + 3 Sets of 5 Reps

Box Jumps
+ Intro, dip drive jump, knees up, eyes on box, full hip extension 
+ 2 sets of 5 reps each

(Move quickly through Thrusters and Box Jumps)

AMRAP 12 Minutes:
7 DB Thrusters
12 Box Jumps

+ Paleo Intro: Ancestral Diet, Clean Animal Proteins, Vegetables, Fruit, Nuts, seeds
+ Recovery Intro: You get stronger when you recover, not when you workout, Sleep is essential for health

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Foundations Class 3

+ Breakfast
+ Sleep?
+ CrossFit is Constantly Varied, Functional Movements executed at High Intensity

PVC Series A
+ Flag Poles
+ Cross Body Pec
+ Bottom to Bottom PVC:
OHS x5
NS OHS x 5
OHS x5

Pull-Up intro, Active Shoulders, Full ROM
+ 3 Sets of 5 Reps

Focus Movements
Concept 2 Rowing
+ Intro Machine
+ Catch Position (Find your sit bones, Sit Tall, Knees over heels, Arms in line with chain)
+ Drive (initiate feet, hands, hips and shoulders together)
+ Finish (Elbow back, forearms parallel to floor
+ Recovery (Arms, Trunk, knees
+ Row :30 on :15 off  x4
Press/Push Press (Barbell, PVC only as needed)
+ Press Intro: Rack Position, ridged body, "Open window and look outside"
+ 3 Sets of 8 Reps Each
+ Push Press Intro: Dip/Drive/Press
+ 3 Sets of 5 Reps Each
For Time:
1000M Row
50 Sit-Ups
30 DB Push Presses

Cool Down
Mat Series A
+ Straddle
+ Seated Fig 4 Ham
+ Behind Head Chest Stretch
+ OH Tri Lat

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Foundations Class 2

+ Sore?
+ Breakfast?
+ Photos?

Mat Series A
+ Samson
+ Calve Walk > Inch Worm
+ Pigeon Pose
+ Mountain Climber
+ Triangle Pose
+ OH Reach L-Sit to Bridge walk out


5 Rounds NFT of:
10-15 Squats
5-10 Push-ups
10 Body Rows

Lead the First two rounds as a group and have them DIY the following three rounds. This will be their primary conditioning stimulus today

Focus Movements

+ PVC Intro: Reverse DL, HIPS then KNEES, KNEES then HIPS, 8 reps
+ Barbell 5x5
Set up 4 Barbells and have the group partner up and perform 5 sets of 5 reps on your count. Increase weight on 3rd and 5th sets.
Jump Rope
+ Intro Single Under: upright body, elbows in wrists around, light bounce
+ 3 Rounds of 30 on :15 off Basic Bounce Practice
+ Intro Double Under: Same mechanics, Aggressive double pass
+ Double Under, one arm only, single under with bigger hops
+ 2 Rounds :45 on :15 off Practice


Understanding CrossFit
+ Constantly Varied: Non-specialist program, we vary the time and modal domains
+ Functional Movements: Emphasis on tried and true potent movements, large loads, long distance, quickly
+ Relatively High Intensity: Need to train with enough intensity to stimulate an organic adaptation

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Foundations Class 1

+ Welcome to Foundations, Intro names and how you heard about CF
+ Our Intention is to expose you to our basic movements and fitness philosophy and prepare you for Group Classes
+ Our Strategy will be to progress you from our most basic movements to more complicated movements all while gradually developing your capacity
+ Each day will include a warm-up, skill development, a WOD and a cool down, attendance is a must.
+ Your responsibility is to focus on technique rather than intensity, listen to your body and have fun.

Standing Series A
+ Palms Up / Palms Down
+ Over and Back
+ Uni lateral Windmills
+ Torso Rotations / Hip Rotations
+ Gillies
+ Knees Out Squat > on off tension hip raise

Focus Movements
2 Rounds of:
20 Squats
15 Sit-ups
10 Push-Ups
:30 Plank

3 Sets of 10:
Ring Rows

For Time:
Run 200m
Squat / Push-up / Ring Row
Run 200m

Cool Down
Foam Roller Series A
+ Quad
+ Adductors
+ Lat
+ Upper Back

While Foam Rolling, encourage group to:
+ Take a Before Picture
+ Read "Understanding CrossFit" 
+ Eat a breakfast using only animal protein, vegetables and fruit



4 More Days

The training floor is coming together.
Our pull-up bar components are being constructed off-site and will change some of this arrangement when they get installed.

Margie's Local wants to know What Your Measurements Are

Happy Birthday Kira D!

Best Wishes to Grant P as he makes his way to Haiti to assist with the relief effort.

Does anyone have an old chalk board they're willing to donate? Maybe you know someone who works in a school that might have a lead on one? I was thinking it would be a good idea to cut up a chalk board into little slates so that we could use them to track reps/rounds in workouts.  This would be a more sustainable alternative to using paper and pens.

Affiliate Cup Team Registration
opens on Feb 1 for the CrossFit Regionals in May.  CrossFit South
Brooklyn will reserve a team and commence tryouts in late Feb/early
March. Each team can consist of 6 individuals with at least 2 men and 2 women. Are you interested in trying out?
Laurie Galassi does the recent mainsite Handstand walk/hold/push-up WOD CrossFit


5 Days Left

Carmelo and Ernesto work on the first coat of paintWe went with light gray accented with black and red.  The community area, office and bathroom will be painted, the rest of the space will stay raw.

Now that the floors have been sealed, we can cut and lay down the mats.  We've gained some square footage so we'll need to purchase more mats over the next couple months.


Raise your hand if you hate your hip flexors

See why Bitters are Better down at Margie's Local.

The Primal Quest Challengers have organized a Paleo Potluck this Saturday (1/30) at 6pm at Coach Margie's apartment.  If you missed this conversation on the Google Group and you're interested, please email Margie(AT)

What is your current musical obsession?

Great article on "Showing Up" at CrossFit Virtuosity
Why Slow Movement Builds Coordination Better Movement
Anatomical Art Lists Galore!



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