WOD 11.11.09

21-15-9 reps for time of
Deadlift, 225/185

Ring Dips, strict

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Skill Work
10 minutes of either Rowing Technique or Jump Rope Practice

John B on Ring Dips

Check out CF LIC and Gillian Mounsey on today!

1970's Polish Weightlifting Training Footage, Pt 2 of 10
Unique Stories of Consumption webecoist


Rest Day

Enjoying our Box Seats to the Marathon

Panel Mat Kick Ups

The Intention
To help develop proficiency in the act of kicking up to an inverted position. 

The end goal would be for the athlete to be able to kick up with control, consistency and grace to any height and with either foot leading up or guiding back down. Until you can do this, consider it a work in progress and approach it with due focus.  The panel mats elevate the floor closer to you and make the movement physically less demanding. This creates a more ideal environment for skill building.

Quality of movement is highly dictated by the position one starts from.  Just like a Clean's bar path will will be influenced by how you're set up before you pull, a handstand attempt will be influenced by how well you can enter the position itself. 

The Strategy is how we approach learning this movement. 
Can you describe how to get a basic kick-up going on a panel mat?

Friend of the program, Yoon S has graciously uploaded several videos of 1970's training footage from Poland's National Weightlifting team.  It's really phenomenal stuff.
Here is Part 1 of 10



All sets will be taken from the floor today.

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compare to 5x3 10.1.09

Max strict Pull-Ups or Chin-Ups
3 attempts, rest as needed

3 Rounds NFT of
10 Panel Mat Kick Ups
15 Sit-Ups
20 KB Swings



Coach Margie wants you to Ladies to Listen Up and think about how you approach the bar.

Congratulations to The New York Rugby Club Women's Team (Stephanie P's team) for winning the Women's Premier league National Championships.

Congratulations also to Regan F on her successful King Con event this weekend.


Rest Day

South Brooklyn Athletes Get Ready for the 5K

CF Games Run Start
CF Games Run Back Side
CF Games Run Finish

Molecular Gastronomy Divine Caroline


WOD 11.6.09

Run 5K
Athletes will meet at 9:30am at the Grand Army Plaza entrance to Prospect Park.

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compare to 8.8.09

Accessory Work
Warm-up Moves
Post WOD Brunch

Developing confidence and control with your kick ups is essential before taking your handstands to a partner or the wall. Kicking up to panel mats are a great way to develop this skill.

There are No Classes at the Lyceum today, the 5K details are above.

Only 3 spots left for our next Foundations Cycle.
Tuesdays at 8pm and Sundays at 12pm.  Each class is 1 hour and 15 minutes long.
11/10, 11/15, 11/22, 11/24, 11/29, 12/1, 12/6, 12/8
Note: Tuesday 11/17 is intentionally skipped as the space is booked for a separate event.

Register Here!


Rest Day

Overhead Squat Warm-up

Saturday's Prospect Park 5K Run will meet at 9:30am at the Grand Army Plaza entrance. Chris Fox and David Mcgrath will be organizing the run so that everyone's stuff will be safe and no one gets left behind.  There will be an optional brunch available afterwards.  Have Fun!

Remember that there are No classes at the Lyceum this weekend.  We will return to our normal schedule on Monday.

What book are you currently reading?


WOD 11.5.09

5 Attempts at
Row 250 meters

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compare to 10.3.09


20 Stroke Warm-up sets:
20 Pulls at 22-24 s/r
20 Pulls at 26-28 s/r
20 Pulls at 30-32 s/r

Odd Object Lifts...

All Smiles BEFORE the WOD

Operation Pull for Hope by Gillian Mounsey at CrossFit LIC

Remember that we are NOT having formal classes this weekend but there IS a Prospect Park 5K Run this Saturday at 9:30am.  Who's in???
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