Rest Day

Jake L. qualified for the American Open with his 343# Clean and Jerk on Sunday

Post-Meet Thoughts

Jake trained for a year in order to put together a total that would qualify him for a national event. He even lost 18 pounds over the last few weeks to make the 94kg weight class, and employed some interesting sweating/spitting exercises to drop a few fractions of a kilo on Sunday. He’s been a beloved presence kicking ass over on the platform, and he says the meet was an amazing experience. “Working so hard and so long for something and finally achieving success is really a phenomenal feeling,” he reports. He says he could write a short novella about this meet—and he kind of does below, check it out in the comments! Great work, Jake!!


CFSBK Endurance Program

Recently, you've probably been hearing many a wonder story from our runners at CFSBK as Coach Michael O.'s Endurance Program wraps up its first cycle—people earning PRs at the Brooklyn Half and various 5Ks, etc. etc. In case you've been wanting to hear more, the wait is over and all the info is now live on the blog. We've included the overview of the second iteration of CFSBK's Endurance Program below, along with info about a new program we're introducing called Speed Series. For the full monty of deets plus Michael O.'s bio, head over to the event page. Both programs begin JUNE 1, so sign up ASAP! 

This will be a 12-week program that meets biweekly that is based on integrating a level of endurance running training for CrossFit athletes. We will incorporate a mixture of different styles of coaching running, including technique, power skills, pace training, and interval training. This is not your basic group run. We incorporate blended drills from CrossFit Endurance along with some actual specific track and field training sessions. Each athlete will have a chance to work hard and learn, so all levels are encouraged to attend.

Where and When?:  
Tuesdays at 6am and Thursdays at 7pm will be located in Prospect Park. 

Sundays at 9am will be at the Red Hook track. 

Athletes can select any two of the three classes offered for this membership.

Target Event:  

The program will target the Timberman Sprint or 70.3 Triathlon on August 16th and 17th or the Battle of Brooklyn 10-mile Run or Team Relay on August 18th.

Schedule and Pricing:
$225 full-access to the 12-week program (including twice weekly coached group sessions, benchmarking, training data, and full plan support and guidance). 

Due to the progressive nature of the program, athletes will not be permitted to join after June 15th, 2014

Endurance Running Program-Full Membership ($225.00)
2 classes per week
Register Here!

CFSBK Speed Series! 

This will be an 8-week program that meets weekly, focused on the basic skills and power needed to develop your running stride. We will focus solely on short distance track running, high-powered intervals, and the primary anaerobic and glycolytic energy systems. This will be a great program for increasing general power output and cardiovascular efficiency for running and CrossFit goals.

Where and When Will We Train?:  
Sundays at 10am at the Red Hook track.

Target Event:
This program will target NYRR Tuesday Night Speed Series at Icahn Stadium

Schedule and Pricing:
$125 full-access to the 8-week program (including weekly coached group sessions, benchmarking, training data, and full plan support and guidance).

Due to the progressive nature of the program, athletes will not be permitted to join after June 15th, 2014

Speed Series Running Program-Membership ($125.00)
1 class per week 
Register Here! 

Please email Michael at michael.olzinski [at] gmail.com with any additional questions.

News and Notes 

  • ICYMI, Breaking Muscle published an article by Coach David yesterday called "How to Prevent CrossFit Injuries: A Guide for Coaches and Athletes." Check it out and should you feel so inclined, share it with your CrossFit friends!
  • Stella Z.'s choir, the Oratorio Society of New York, is performing Bach's St. Matthew Passion tonight (5/20), 8 PM, at Carnegie Hall. You can get tickets here or show up in person at the Carnegie box office (57th Street and 7th Avenue).

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Bench Press | WOD 5.19.14

Fitness3 x 5 Linear Progression 
Add 2.5 to 5 lbs to last week. 

Performance85% x 4  x 4, then 87.5% x 4 x 4
Rest two minutes between sets. 

Post loads to comments.

AMRAP 8 minutes:
20 Wall Ball 20/10, 14/9
10 Deadlift 225/155

A rare appearance on the other side of the lens by CFSBK photog Asta F.

Register for Strength Cycle and Get Hella Strong

We all want to get stronger. That's because we implicitly understand that building strength is the foundation for increasing overall physical capacity. It has been proven again and again that lifting heavy primes our bodies to be more effective and efficient at metabolic conditioning workouts. Strength is the only mode of training that supports everything else we do in the gym and in life. Plus: it's pretty badass.

We are offering four 8-week strength programs that will involve the following:
* Small group training designed to increase your competency with the lifts.
* Consistent and repeated exposure to the powerlifts along a linear progression of weight
* Short and intense complementary conditioning workouts.
* Group discussions on lifting topics including: planning warm-ups, the mental aspect of lifting, and elements of the adaptive response to strength training.
* New PRs.

Upcoming cycle times and dates:
A cycle: Mon/Wed at 7PM and Fri at 6PM | Wed May 28th - Fri July 18th
B cycle: Tues/Thurs at 7PM and Sun at 10AM | Tues May 27th - Sun July 20th
C cycle: Mon/Wed at 6:30M | Wed May 28th - Wed 16th July
Cont Ed/D Cycle: Mon/Wed at 6PM | Wed May 28th - Wed 16th July

Each cycle will culminate in a CrossFit Total on Sunday, July 20th.

Class Sizes
Space is limited to 4-8 participants

Class Length
90 minutes

3x Per Week Cycles:
$300 paid upon registration and then another $300 at the halfway point
Sign up here!

2xW Cycles:
$200 paid upon registration and then another $200 at the halfway point
Sign up here! 

If anyone is confused as to which cycle they belong in or has any questions, they can contact Jeremy directly at Jeremy [at] crossfitsouthbrooklyn.com to discuss placement. ICYMI, we also interviewing Coach Jeremy a few weeks ago about his background and Strength Cycle. Check it out!

News and Notes 

  • "MURPH" IS ONLY A WEEK AWAY! Have you signed up yet? Get more details here!
  • Our Flickr account recently has been populated by photos of Zach H., who appeared to be CrossFitting his face off in Colombia. We checked in with him to see what was up and he reported that he was in Colombia for 10 days visiting a friend. He visited five boxes total, mostly in Bogota. If you want to hear more, ask him about salsa dancing, traffic, and how hard it was to be a pescatarian.  
  • There's a new post over on Inside the Affiliate called "Bridging The Gap: Using Feedback to Get Better as a CrossFit Affiliate," about our feedback forms and some of the thinking behind this blog (!). Check it out!

If you could be on any reality TV show, which one would you pick? Feel free to invent one.

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Deadlift or Snatch | WOD 5.18.14

Fitness: Deadlift 3 x 3 Linear Progression
Add 5-10 pounds to last week’s number. 

Performance: Power Snatch 80% x 2 x 5
Based off this week's heaviest single.

Post loads to comments.

AMRAP 20 Minutes:
Run 400 meters
Then 3 Rounds of:
5 Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Squats

Get a taste of what "Murph" is like, and get stoked for Memorial Day "Murph"!

Ruth P. and Carissa C. celebrate their two-year anniversary of being CFSBKers earlier this month!

Sunday Reading Material 

  • BKLYNR magazine did a piece on Latin education in NYC, with a partial focus on the high school where Ryan J. teaches. He says he has all of us to thank for being described as "that tall, beautiful man." Definitely not a possibility pre-SBK—so he says, but we’re suspicious. Check it out!
  • Samir C. reports that the Kickstarter for funding The Allrounder is still short of its goal. If you’d like to help make this exciting new journal a reality, check it out before May 20th and contribute whatever you can! 
  • Did you catch CFSBK in The Huffington Post? Denise H. wrote about her experience working out as a mom as CFSBK. It's called "Why This Mama Loves CrossFit." Check it out!

2014 Larry Mintz Memorial Weightlifting Championships

Good luck to KMoTodd C., and Jake L. who are competing today in Garden City, NY. We're cheering for you! Let us know how it goes!

Brooklyn Half runners: how'd it go yesterday? Tell us everything!

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Clean and Jerk | Front Squat

Fitness: Clean Halting Deadlift + Clean + Jerk
If you have a hard time organizing the pull off the floor, perform the clean from the mid-hang, after the clean halting deadlift. 

Performance: Clean and Jerk 1-1-1, then Power Clean + Hang Clean + Jerk 75% x (1+1+1) x 2
Work up to a heavy clean and jerk in three attempts, then perform two singles of the complex at 75% of today's best lift.


Front Squat

Fitness: 3 x 5 Linear Progression

Performance:  80% x 4  x 4, then 82.5% x 4 x 4
Rest two minutes between sets. You're already pretty warmed up from the cleans, so get to work weight within 2-3 warm ups so you can get all your work sets in. 

Post loads to comments.

CFSBKers keeping it fresh in Puerto Rico

Brooklyn Half Post-Party Day Drinking Adventure TODAY

RUN LIKE THE WIND, CFSBK RUNNERS! All of our runners have been training so hard for the Brooklyn Half Marathon today and we’re psyched to help them celebrate afterwards. At 12:30pm, we'll be honing in on Greenwood Park, a bar and beer garden in South Slope, for post-race daytime drinking and eating. We will have a few tables reserved and some food. Come hang out with us!

What You Need to Know at CFSBK for Saturday 

  • Check out Active Recovery with Coach DO at 11am and 12pm!
  • We've got a new trove of unclaimed clothing in the Lost and Found (i.e., a straw fedora). Make sure none of it's yours because otherwise we're donating it to those in need. The pics are up on Flickr here and here.

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Rest Day

CFSBK's Olympic Lifting Program

In case you missed it, CFSBK is introducing an Olympic Lifting Program with Coach Frankie Murray, who you can see beasting it out in the video above, with his best snatch at 150kgs (330lbs) and clean and jerk at 180kgs (396lbs). The deets in brief?

What: An 8-week Olympic lifting cycle meeting twice a week with Coach Frank Murray and/or Heather Farmer in addition to 1 Open Gym or group class per week.
When: 2 options beginning the Week of 5/26/14 (see full details below)
Price: $300 for each 4-week period, $600 total. The first bill is due at sign-up and the second bill will charge automatically to the card on-file 4 weeks later.

Each cycle is capped at 10 athletes. Learn more here and sign up now to secure your spot!

Help Find a Cure for Parkinson's Disease

Love-CFSBK-long-timer Steph P. is embarking on her latest Team Fox adventure this Sunday, May 18th! She’s doing a one day Rim2Rim Grand Canyon hike with 20 other Team Fox members to raise money for Parkinson's research.  It's a 24-mile trek covering over 6,000 ft in elevation, starting at the South Rim and finishing at the North Rim. The team has raised $35,000 so far and she’s set a personal goal to raise $10,000 and is almost a third of the way there. Not only does Steph work for Team Fox, the grassroots fundraising program at The Michael J. Fox Foundation, but she also fundraises on her own in honor of her dad who's had Parkinson's for over 13 years now. If you want to help Steph out, check out her personal fundraising page here

Movie Night at CFSBK TONIGHT

CFSBK's Movie Night returns TONIGHT at 8:15pm after Open Gym. It's all the same details as usual—bring your own alcohol, fold-up chairs, snacks, and whatever else suits your fancy—but we've added a twist this time by inviting all Brooklyn boxes to join us. We're screening Evil Dead, so come ready to be horrified. 

  • Happy birthday, Mayo A. and Jason K.!
  • CFSBK’s softball team, Las Calaveras, has their third game tonight at 6:15pm at the Red Hook ball fields. They remain 1-1 after getting rained out last week. Godspeed/good luck/break a leg (but please don't)!

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WOD 5.15.14

5 Rounds:
1 Minute Row (for calories)
1 Minute Muscle Ups
1 Minute Box Jump Up and Overs 20"
1 Minute Burpees
1 Minute Rest 

5 Rounds:
1 Minute Row (for calories)
1 Minute Kettlebell Swing
1 Minute Box Jump Up and Overs
1 Minute Burpees
1 Minute Rest

Our mighty Strength Cyclers after their mighty PRs on Sunday

What You Need to Know at CFSBK for Thursday 

  • Yoga for Athletes is tonight at 7:30pm, but yoga is CANCELED on Saturday (5/17) at 10am since Coach Whitney will be away.
  • The Brooklyn Half is this Saturday (5/17) and we're having a day-drinking post-race shindig. Join us from 12:30pm onward at Greenwood Park in South Slope. Get more info here!
  • Don't forget to join us on Friday night at 8:15pm after Open Gym for some horror time. It's the return of CFSBK's Movie Night and we're screening Evil Dead.
  • Did you hear about CFSBK's new Olympic Lifting Program? Learn more here!
  • If you're biking to CFSBK, kudos to you, but know that our street is targeted for bike theft. Please always be aware of this and lock your bike up well!
  • Happy birthday, Sabrina M. and Rickke M.

Hail to the Queen IV

CrossFit Queens is hosting the 4th annual Hail to the Queen all-female CrossFit competition on July 12th!  Coach Jess Fox already signed up and wants you to as well! There is a scaled and an Rx-ed division and the event historically is a very beginner friendly competition. Jess will help to coach all ladies through the event and there will be a group training session once the WODs are announced. RSVP on Facebook and purchase entry tickets on Eventbrite. The tickets are going fast so jump on it, ladies! 

CFSBK in The Huffington Post 

Our very own Denise H. wrote a wonderful article about her experience working out as a mom as CFSBK. It's called "Why This Mama Loves CrossFit." Check it out!

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Snatch | Back Squat

Fitness: Snatch Halting Deadlift + Snatch
If you have a hard time organizing the pull off the floor, perform snatch from the mid-hang.

Performance: 1-1-1, then (1+1) x 2 at 75% from high hang and knee
After working up to a heavy single in 3 attempts, perform 2 reps of the Two Position Snatch (high hang and knee).


Back Squat

Fitness: 3 x 5 Linear Progression
Add 5 pounds to last week.

Performance: 80% x 4  x 4, then 82.5% x 4 x 4
Rest about two minutes between sets. Use the lifting time wisely and get to work weight within 2-4 warm ups so you can get all your work sets in. 

Post loads to comments.

Introducing: CFSBK Olympic Lifting Program 

What: An 8-week Olympic lifting cycle meeting twice a week with Coach Frank Murray and/or Heather Farmer in addition to 1 Open Gym or group class per week.
When: 2 options beginning the Week of 5/26/14 (see full details below)
Price: $300 per 4 weeks, first bill due at sign-up and second bill charged automatically to the card on-file 4 weeks later. 

Each cycle needs a minimum of eight participants and is capped at 10 athletes.

Please note that this program includes either one group or open gym class with the cost of membership.

Coached by Frank Murray, "participants can expect to build a strong foundation focused around proper technique, mobility, and attention to individual weak points. Building this foundation will not only help lead to higher lifts, but also set the base for continued and consistent progress. Moreover, by developing proper technique, mobility, and focusing on weak points, participants will become more confident, less prone to injury, and more consistent lifters. All of this giving you the tools for a longer, healthier, stronger career with the Olympic lifts." —Next Level Weightlifting

A typical day* would consist of: 

Weak lift
Opposing lift

*Each athlete may have different exercises depending on their individual needs. 

AM Cycle
5/29/14 - 7/17/14
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30am to 12:00pm
Register Here! 

PM Cycle
5/28/14 - 7/21/14
Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:30pm to 10:00pm
Register Here! 

Frank has competed in weightlifting for over seven years. During that time, he has medaled at five separate National Championships, most recently a Silver at last year's Nationals. His all-time best lifts in competition include a 151kg (333lb) Snatch and a 182kg (400lb) Clean and Jerk at a body weight under 200lbs. He has worked with many athletes, from multiple CrossFits, including: CF Garden City, CF Queens, CF Great Neck, CF 516, CF King of Island Park, RADD CF, CF Greenpoint, CF Manhasset, CF L.I.C, among others. 

Coached by Arthur Drechsler, former world record holder, chairman of the board of USAWeightlifting, and author of The Weightlifting Encyclopedia, Frank has learned from the many years of experience that Artie has had over his coaching career.


USAW Level II Advanced Sports Performance Coach
Level 1 Local Referee
B.A. Physical Education
2013 American Open Silver Medal: Clean & Jerk
2013 Nationals Weightlifting Silver Medalist: Snatch Clean & Jerk and Total
2011 Nationals Weightlifting Bronze Medalist: Clean & Jerk and Total
2010 Nationals Silver Medalist in Clean & Jerk
2010 Empire State Games Champion in Olympic-Style Weightlifting
2009 Nationals Bronze Medalist: Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and Total
2009 American Open Bronze Medalist: Clean & Jerk and Total


Happy Hump Day Reminders:

  • CFSBK Movie Night returns THIS Friday, May 16th at 8:15pm after Open Gym. We're screening Evil Dead and all Brooklyn CrossFit gyms are invited. RSVP over here! 
  • Meat and Fish CSA pickup is TONIGHT from 6-8:30pm! Questions or issues? Email mignyc [at] gmail.com. And if you haven't signed up for the veg CSA yet... what're you waiting for?!
  • Have you signed up for your Memorial Day "Murph" heat yet? Get it done over here! Check out the event page to learn more about the day and how you can help.

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