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08/04/14-09/29/14 Olympic Lifting Program

CFSBK Olympic Lifting Program 

What: An 8-week Olympic lifting cycle meeting twice a week with Coach Frank Murray and/or Heather Farmer in addition to 2 Open Gym or group class per week.
When: 2 options beginning the Week of 8/4/14 (see full details below)
Price: $300 per 4 weeks, first bill due at sign-up and second bill charged automatically to the card on-file 4 weeks later. 

Each cycle needs a minimum of eight participants and is capped at 10 athletes.

Please note that this program includes either one group or open gym class with the cost of membership.

Coached by Frank Murray, "participants can expect to build a strong foundation focused around proper technique, mobility, and attention to individual weak points. Building this foundation will not only help lead to higher lifts, but also set the base for continued and consistent progress. Moreover, by developing proper technique, mobility, and focusing on weak points, participants will become more confident, less prone to injury, and more consistent lifters. All of this giving you the tools for a longer, healthier, stronger career with the Olympic lifts." —Next Level Weightlifting

A typical day* would consist of: 

Weak lift
Opposing lift

*Each athlete may have different exercises depending on their individual needs. 

PM Cycle
8/4/14 - 9/29/14
Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:30pm to 10:00pm
This Cycle is FULL

Frank has competed in weightlifting for over seven years. During that time, he has medaled at five separate National Championships, most recently a Silver at last year's Nationals. His all-time best lifts in competition include a 151kg (333lb) Snatch and a 182kg (400lb) Clean and Jerk at a body weight under 200lbs. He has worked with many athletes, from multiple CrossFits, including: CF Garden City, CF Queens, CF Great Neck, CF 516, CF King of Island Park, RADD CF, CF Greenpoint, CF Manhasset, CF L.I.C, among others. 

Coached by Arthur Drechsler, former world record holder, chairman of the board of USAWeightlifting, and author of The Weightlifting Encyclopedia, Frank has learned from the many years of experience that Artie has had over his coaching career.


USAW Level II Advanced Sports Performance Coach
Level 1 Local Referee
B.A. Physical Education
2013 American Open Silver Medal: Clean & Jerk
2013 Nationals Weightlifting Silver Medalist: Snatch Clean & Jerk and Total
2011 Nationals Weightlifting Bronze Medalist: Clean & Jerk and Total
2010 Nationals Silver Medalist in Clean & Jerk
2010 Empire State Games Champion in Olympic-Style Weightlifting
2009 Nationals Bronze Medalist: Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and Total
2009 American Open Bronze Medalist: Clean & Jerk and Total


08/24/2014 Subway Series | CrossFit South Brooklyn

Another year has gone by, and it's time once again for an NYC affiliate throwdown: the 2014 Subway Series! All NYC affiliates are invited to participate--the affiliate with the best overall score at the end of four events wins the Subway Series Trophy and bragging rights for a whole year!

2014 Subway Series Registration Form

Event Schedule

Sunday, August 3rd, 9am: CrossFit Long Island City 
Sunday, August 10th, 9am: CrossFit Queens
Sunday, August 17th, 9am: CrossFit Virtuosity
Sunday, August 24th, 9am: CrossFit South Brooklyn


We're mixing things up a little this year, and making this a true team competition!  Each box will field one 4-person competition team, and any number of additional 3-person open teams.

There will be TWO winners this year -- a competition series winner, and an open series winner.  Two trophies are up for grabs!

Competition Teams

Prior to the beginning of the series, each box must choose between 4 and 8 athletes to place on their competition roster.  Each week, 4 of these athletes (2 men, 2 women) will compete in the competitive division.  Athletes declared to be on the competition roster may not compete on open teams in weeks they are not competing on the competition team.  

Place points will be awarded based on finish each week.  The ultimate competition series winner will be the box with the least points after all 4 events have been completed. In the event of a tie, a 5th tie-breaking event will be held. 

Open Teams

Each open team is comprised of 3 athletes, including at least one female athlete.  Open teams may register for any combination of events (they do not have to participate in all events, and athletes may participate on different open teams for different events.)

Each week, the top-finishing open team from each box will contribute their place points to the overall score for that box.  The ultimate open series winner will be the box with the least points after all 4 events have been completed. In the event of a tie, a 5th tie-breaking event will be held. 

There will be no scaling options available for either division.  However the open division workouts will be accessible to a relatively novice athlete.  Minimum requirements will be released prior to each event.


All open teams MUST register for each individual event in advance via EventBrite in order to participate.  Each event will be capped at 50 total teams, so we strongly advise you to register early!

2014 Subway Series Registration Form


09/27/14-09/28/14 The Beast of the East

The Beast of the East

Saturday, Sep 27, 2014 at 8:00AM - Sunday, Sep 28, 2014 at 6:00PM 

Hartford, CT

Register Here!

More info coming soon!


10/18/2014 Fight Gone Bad 2014

The whole crew from Fight Gone Bad 2013

Announcing Fight Gone Bad 2014!!!

Since 2008, CrossFit South Brooklyn has conducted a yearly fundraiser in the form of a workout called Fight Gone Bad. Last year, we raised over $40,000 for the Brooklyn Community Foundation (BCF), a local organization dedicated to improving the lives of people in Brooklyn by strengthening communities through local giving, grantmaking, and community service. This year, we'll be partnering with BCF again and hope to surpass last year's donation numbers.

Last year we had 180 members participating and this year, we’re capping it at 200. 

The registration deadline is Monday September 1, 2014.

Tell Me More… 

When is Fight Gone Bad? 
Saturday, October 18th, 2014. First heat begins at 9am. 

What is Fight Gone Bad?

Three rounds, as many reps as possible, of:
Wall-balls, 20lb, 10ft / 14lb, 9ft 
Sumo deadlift high-pulls, 75/55 pounds
Box Jumps, 20" box 
Push-presses, 75/55 pounds 

In this workout, you move from each of five stations after a minute. The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. When the announcer calls "Rotate,” athletes must move to next station immediately. Each of the three rounds is five minutes, followed by a one-minute rest. One point is given for each rep, except on the rower where each calorie is one point.

What if I can't attend that Saturday, October 18?
Sign up anyway and select the option to be on Fight Gone Belated! We'll do our best to coordinate a make-up date with those athletes that can't attend so you can still participate in the fun. You'll still get to create a team name, participate in fundraising, and get a FGB t-shirt!

Why are we fundraising?
In the past, our annual FGB fundraiser has been a great way to bring our community together to support great charities—and we chose to support the Brooklyn Community Foundation because Brooklyn has been exceptionally good to us and we want to help give back to the community that CFSBK is proud to call home. If you're not familiar with BCF, make sure you visit their website to check them out. Or if you're lazy, at least check out their list of Grantees; we're sure you'll find one or two not far from you!

Will there be a fundraising minimum? 
While we'd love for everyone to make wholehearted attempts to raise funds, there is no fundraising minimum to participate. However, as in years past, there will be some sweet prizes awarded to the top Individual and Team fundraisers!  

Ok, you keep talking about fundraising but how should I do this and when should I begin?

Once our registration deadline ends on September 1, we'll create teams consisting of six athletes. Shortly after, athletes will get an email from us with their team assignments and all of the details to set up their fundraising pages. We'll be using Crowdrise as our fundraising platform again and participants will have individual fundraising pages that will be super easy to share with friends and family.  (Check out last year's main fundraising page HERE!)

Tell me more about the workout. What if I can't do it Rx'd?
Here's Coach Glassman explaining FGB in detail. And don't worry, we have scaling options available!  

So the day begins at 9am, but how long will it last? When will my team go?

The length of the event depends on how many total athletes/teams we have. We run three teams through the workout simultaneously and new heats start every 20 minutes.  Unfortunately, we can’t tell you exactly what time your team will be going until we get closer to the event. Of course, we hope that you plan on spending a few hours with us, not only competing but also supporting your fellow teams.  And per usual, we'll have some tasty adult beverages to enjoy!

Ok, I'm sold. Where do I register?
Sign up here for Fight Gone Bad 2014!

Once registration closes after September 1, we send an email to request the following information: t-shirt size, your division (Rx or scaled), and whether you need to be on a Fight Gone Belated team.