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04/13/2015-06/04/15 Olympic Lifting Program

CFSBK Olympic Lifting Program 

7am Cycle
What: A 6-week Olympic lifting cycle meeting three times a week with Coach Frank Murray and/or Heather Farmer 
Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays 7-8am from 4/28/15 - 6/5/15
Price: $225 per 3 weeks, first bill due at sign-up and second bill charged automantically ot the card on-file one month later 

Noon Cycle
What: An 8-week Olympic lifting cycle meeting twice a week with Coach Frank Murray and/or Heather Farmer in addition to two open gym or group classes per week.
Tuesdays and Thursdays 12-1:30pm from 4/14/15 - 6/4/15 
Price: $300 per 4 weeks, first bill due at sign-up and second bill charged automatically to the card on-file 4 weeks later. 

PM Cycle
What: An 8-week Olympic lifting cycle meeting twice a week with Coach Frank Murray and/or Heather Farmer in addition to two open gym or group classes per week.
Mondays and Wednesdays 8-9:30pm from 4/14/15 - 6/4/15
Price: $300 per 4 weeks, first bill due at sign-up and second bill charged automatically to the card on-file 4 weeks later. 

All cycles will end with a mock Olympic meet on Sunday, June 7, 2015 at 2:30pm.

Coached by Frank Murray, "participants can expect to build a strong foundation focused around proper technique, mobility, and attention to individual weak points. Building this foundation will not only help lead to higher lifts, but also set the base for continued and consistent progress. Moreover, by developing proper technique, mobility, and focusing on weak points, participants will become more confident, less prone to injury, and more consistent lifters. All of this giving you the tools for a longer, healthier, stronger career with the Olympic lifts." —Next Level Weightlifting

A typical day* would consist of: 

Weak lift
Opposing lift

*Each athlete may have different exercises depending on their individual needs. 

Frank has competed in weightlifting for over seven years. During that time, he has medaled at five separate National Championships, most recently a Silver at last year's Nationals. His all-time best lifts in competition include a 151kg (333lb) Snatch and a 182kg (400lb) Clean and Jerk at a body weight under 200lbs. He has worked with many athletes, from multiple CrossFits, including: CF Garden City, CF Queens, CF Great Neck, CF 516, CF King of Island Park, RADD CF, CF Greenpoint, CF Manhasset, CF L.I.C, among others. 

Coached by Arthur Drechsler, former world record holder, chairman of the board of USAWeightlifting, and author of The Weightlifting Encyclopedia, Frank has learned from the many years of experience that Artie has had over his coaching career.


USAW Level II Advanced Sports Performance Coach
Level 1 Local Referee
B.A. Physical Education
2013 American Open Silver Medal: Clean & Jerk
2013 Nationals Weightlifting Silver Medalist: Snatch Clean & Jerk and Total
2011 Nationals Weightlifting Bronze Medalist: Clean & Jerk and Total
2010 Nationals Silver Medalist in Clean & Jerk
2010 Empire State Games Champion in Olympic-Style Weightlifting
2009 Nationals Bronze Medalist: Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and Total
2009 American Open Bronze Medalist: Clean & Jerk and Total



05/30/2015 Reebok Spartan Race 

2015 Reebok Spartan Race

For the past 3 years, CFSBK has sent a group of adventure-seeking members up to Tuxedo Ridge Ski Resort to run the Tri-State Spartan Sprint. This is a 4-mile race up and down the mountain, with a variety of obstacles to overcome along the way. Registration is now open for the 2015 race, and we're looking to send another team to the event! If you're not afraid to get a little dirty (or a lot dirty...) and have wanted to run an adventure race, this is your opportunity!  Here's what you need to know: 

Date: Saturday, May 30, 2015
Time: Register for any open heat except Elite. They'll move everyone into the same heat prior to the event. I expect that we'll be in the 11am heat.
Price: $75, plus $14 for mandatory insurance and $7 for processing.
Team Name: Crossfit South Brooklyn
Incentive? You get a t-shirt and some pretty cool pictures of yourself doing some pretty outrageous stunts. 

Register Here! 

If you have any questions, please email Coach MeLo: Melissa [at] crossfitsouthbrooklyn.com


05/31/2015 CFSBK Kids Club at 9am

CFSBK Kids Club: Sundays at 9am 

Want to come to class on Sundays but can't find a babysitter? Let CFSBK Kids Club help! This one hour drop-off program is designed for children ages 3 to 8, and will keep them engaged with hands-on activities. While you're working out, your child(ren) will have the opportunity to explore arts & crafts, science experiments, games, and movement activities. You'll get peace of mind and they get an hour jam packed with FUN!   

When: Sundays at 9am
Cost: 1st child - $10/child (take 20% off for the older child when siblings are registered together)
5 Pack - $40/child (1 child), $55/siblings (2 children). Purchase packages here.
RSVP Required (at the Front Desk), capped at 8 children

Please note that CFSBK Kids' Club is a separate program from CrossFit Kids. 

Questions? Email Janelle [at] CrossFitSouthBrooklyn.com



05/31/2015 Rowing Clinic With Coach Nick

Join Olympic Rower Coach Nick For a Rowing Clinic on May 31st, at 2:15pm 

Do you want to improve your effectiveness on the erg? Do you dread rowing workouts? Or maybe you love them and want to row more on the side? (If you answered that last question with a hearty “yes,” you are a crazy person. Just so you know.) This one-hour clinic will include the following:

  • Review of the machine: foot height, drag factor, how to set up workouts, how to review scores after workouts, etc.
  • In-depth breakdown of the rowing stroke (recovery, catch, drive)
  • Drills to improve common technique errors
  • Workout

Nick started rowing in junior high school. He competed at two World Rowing Championships (1998, 1999) and the Olympic Games (2000), as well as various other international meets.

There's a 20 person cap on the number of participants, so sign up now! Feel free to email Nick [at] CrossFitSouthBrooklyn.com with any questions.


I attended Coach Nick's rowing clinic two years ago and it is still paying dividends on the Erg. I know how to use stroke rate and drag factor to my advantage. Best of all, I am able to get more power and lower splits with less effort. 

--Rich A.



06/06/2015-06/07/2015 CrossFit Kids Trainer Course at CFSBK

Crossfit Kids Trainer Course

When: Saturday, June 06, 2015 - Sunday, June 07, 2015
Where: CrossFit South Brooklyn
597 Degraw St
Brooklyn, New York 11217 

Course Description
The purpose of this course is to learn specific methods for teaching CrossFit to children and adolescents. Participants learn techniques to overcome the unique challenges of teaching kids CrossFit methodology, as well as how a CrossFit Kids program can help build one's affiliate. Attendees will also see how CrossFit Kids is changing the lives of children and teens around the world for the better. Other topics covered include neurological development as it relates to exercise, weightlifting, health and safety, programming, teaching styles, class structure, and kids games. Throughout the course, participants learn how to pair fitness with fun—which is essential in promoting a lifetime of fitness. Affiliate owners, teachers, coaches, parents, home-schooling families and others benefit from learning this unique, kid-friendly approach to teaching CrossFit. 


  • 9 a.m.-5 p.m. with a 1-hour lunch break
  • Arrive at 8:30 a.m. on Day 1 to check in. 

A criminal background check must be conducted prior to registration. 

You must first create an account at the CrossFit Background Checks website.

  • This will allow you to track and receive the result of your background check.  Fill in all the required fields and select 'Seminar Training' for the type of check.
  • You must have either attended a Level 1 Certificate Course or be registered to attend one to register for a Kids Trainer Course.
  • There is a $19.75 fee for all US background checks.  International background check fees vary by country.

When your background check is completed (it takes 1-21+ days depending on your country) send backgroundchecks@crossfit.com a copy of the background check.  Indicate your name and the date/location of the course you would like to attend in the email subject line.

After you send backgroundchecks@crossfit.com your background check result, you will be sent a code to register for the Kids course.

This course is taught in English. In select countries, a translator is present and noted on the specific event page. 

To Bring

  • Printed version of the registration receipt.
  • Government-issued photo ID.
  • Seminar Guide (sent with course confirmation emails) with pen/pencil.
  • Suitable clothes for working out.
  • Snacks and fluids, as well as a meal if you do not plan on going off-site during the lunch break.

Credentials and Requirements
To receive a Kids Trainer Certificate, one must:

  1. Hold a valid and current CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate (or a CF-L3); and
  2. Attend and participate in all parts of the Kids Trainer Course.

If you do not meet these requirements, you are issued a Certificate of Attendance. 

Received at the completion of the seminar.


06/07/2015 Olympic Weightlifting Cycle Mock Meet

Olympic Weightlifting Cycle Mock Meet on June 7, 2015

On Sunday, June 7th, at 2:30pm you're invited to see Coach Frank's Olympic Lifting Program athletes test themselves in a mock Oly meet. If you've been to Coach Jeremy's CrossFit Totals at the end of each cycle, this event is essentially its weightlifting equivalent. Each lifter will have three attempts at the snatch and clean and jerk. 


06/14/2015 Half-Marathon Row

Half-Marathon Row at CFSBK on June 14 at 2:15pm

You know you've always wondered, "Gee, what would it be like to row 21,097m?" Well, your chance to get your answer is coming up: SBK will host a 1/2 Marathon Row on June 14th at 2:15. And fear not: we'll show movies during the event. Really, what better way to spend your Sunday afternoon? You can row the full distance or split it up however you want with one other partner. 

Coach Nick will send out a DIY program to everyone who signs up and will analyze video of participants' rowing form. The training will consist of at least two long erg sessions a week to get your butts—and calluses—in shape! Expect to devote 1–2+ hours twice a week to this. Sound fun, or what?! (What?)

Sign up now! The cap is 25 – 15 slots for people rowing solo, and 10 slots for people who are partnering. This may change depending on demand. If you don't want to row the 1/2 marathon solo, but also don't have a partner, we'll find one for you.

Space is limited. REGISTER HERE (scroll to the bottom)



07/12/2015 Strength Cycle Total

Strength Cycle Total on Sunday, July 12, 2015

Coach Jeremy's Strength Cyclers will wrap up their eight-week cycle today starting at 2:00pm. Lifters will be testing their 1RMs in the back squat, press, and deadlift. All are welcome to come by, hang out, and do some cheering. Get ready for some massive PRs!