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Programs and Membership

We offer a variety of training services at CrossFit South Brooklyn.  Please review the categories below and choose which option is best for you.  If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Free Intro Class and Foundations

Before folks can start up with our general Group Classes, everyone must complete a Foundations Cycle which brings newcomers up to speed with our movements and training philosophy.  Read up to see what your options are and how to sign up for an upcoming cycle.

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CrossFit Group Classes

At CrossFit South Brooklyn we've created an inclusive team atmosphere that makes training more fun and helps push each member to reach their full potential.  These daily classes are led by one of our Coaches and follow the posted workout of the day.

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Personal Training

One on one sessions are designed to address your specific needs.  Your coach will create a plan and work with you to achieve your goals in a fun and encouraging environment. Small group training is also available.

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CrossFit Preschool and CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Preschool and CrossFit Kids emphasizes good movement through games and activities. Most importantly, we’re all about having FUN! Developing a positive association between fitness, physical activity, and the joy of movement is the primary goal of our program. Think of it like the gym class you wish you had growing up!

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Strength Cycle with Coach Jeremy

We all want to get stronger. That's because we implicitly understand that building strength is the foundation for increasing overall physical capacity. Our Strength Intensive takes you through an 8 week lifting cycle that has been proven to increase your ability to move large loads.

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Next Level Weightlifting Club with Coach Frank

The Next Level Weightlifting Club offers Olympic lifting with strength training and mobility all in one. There are three classes each week, and you can join whenever you wish.

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CFSBK Endurance Program with Coach Mike O.

This will be 8 Weeks of 2x/a week Running, Drill Work, and the basic biomotor requirements to become a more fluid runner and increase your endurance relative to Crossfit training. We will work on everything from basic balance and stability, to some run-specific single leg plyo training, and power production specific for the needs of a strong athlete.

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Active Recovery Class

Want to be more flexible?  Move better? Perform better? Just feel better? Have you been "kinda stretching sometimes, sorta", but making little if any progress? Our weekly active recovery class is a great place to spend an hour performing both soft tissue work and intelligent mobility training. This class meets Tuesdays at 6 and is open to non-members as well.

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Yoga for Athletes with Coach Whitney

If you're looking to increase range of motion and flexibility, discover some take-home techniques to help you recover, and de-stress your body and mind, Yoga for Athletes is for you. Designed and taught with the CrossFitter in mind, these classes will make the fundamentals of yoga accessible to all.

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Mat Pilates with Kristin H.

The Pilates Method can be great "accessory work" for a CrossFitter, not only because it improves flexibility and strengthens the abdominal and back muscles, but mainly because it can help you figure out HOW to use these muscles properly. Come join Kristin Hoesl (KH) in CFSBK's first ever weekly Pilates class

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Chiro and ART Body Work

Got some issues with your tissues?  Sore shoulder? Funky Hip? Come see Dr. Jason Fidler on Saturday and Friday nights at CFSBK to get an assesment and some body work done on yourself.  To learn more about these services and Dr. Fidler's background, click the link below.

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Nutrition and Food Prep Consultations

Fueling your body is a big part of the equation when it comes to good health and fitness. Eating well is essential to becoming a better athlete, and is a powerful (and tasty) way to reverse or prevent a variety of illnesses and body composition issues. Talk to one of our Coaches about developing an personalized nutrition strategy.

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