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Pilates with Kristin H

Have you ever been told by a coach or PT that you have a weak core? Are you not sure what "keep your ribcage down" means? Do you suffer from a tweaky lower back after lifting heavy weights? Help is on the way! The Pilates Method can be great "accessory work" for a Crossfitter, not only because it improves flexibility and strengthens the abdominal and back muscles, but mainly because it can help you figure out HOW to use these muscles properly. Come join Kristin Hoesl (KH) in CFSBK's first ever weekly Pilates class. We'll go over neutral pelvis, engaging the transversus abdominis (say WHAT?), stabilizing the rib cage, and finding good shoulder girdle positioning. So if any of this sounds intriguing to you, come drop in on!

Tuesday nights at 7:30pm
upstairs in the CFSBK Annex

Price and Online registraion links:
1 Time Drop In: $20
5 Class Punch Card: $85

This class is open to CFSBK members and non-members. Pilates classes can not be used as part of your existing CrossFit Group class memebership.

Mad abs, yo.

KH has been teaching the Pilates Method full time, both group classes and privates, since 2006. To read more about her training and experience, you can check out her website at, or email her at kristin(AT)