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On Ramp Group Classes

On Ramp

Are you a new athlete?  Do you have trouble keeping your knees out in a squat or your back set in a deadlift?  Are you fresh out of Foundations and not quite sure if you're ready for the demands of group classes? If so, our new On-Ramp class may be perfect for you.

The sole purpose of the On-Ramp program is to develop consistent technique and increased capacity so that new athletes can proceed into group classes with solid movement and training habits.  By focusing on truly mastering the fundamentals, developing proper movement strategies, and increasing strength and mobility, we'll provide you with the fitness base to move seamlessly and successfully into Group Classes.  

The key difference is that the On-Ramp classes purposefully take more time to review exercises, detail good training habits and limit intensity.  Most workouts will be done not for time in the interest of making you move better before you move faster.

The class meets 3x/week and is recommended as a 8-12 week cycle for potential participants. Attendance is open to all members and payment works exactly like your regular Group Class membership.  You may also mix On Ramp and Group Classes if your schedule doesnt afford you the time to come to both classes.

On Ramp Schedule:
Monday 7am
Tuesday 8pm
Thursday 8pm

If you've got any questions about this class, please Contact Us