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CSAs at Crossfit South Brooklyn


What’s a CSA?

If you’re interested in high-quality, local food at a fair price, consider joining a CSA.

Community Supported Agriculture is a way for consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from the farmer who grows it.

In a CSA network, consumers pre-pay for “shares” of what the farmer is offering. By setting the price for the shares in advance, the farmer is guaranteed a fair price for the harvest. In the case of meat CSAs, farmers also benefit by being able to sell all the meat from the animal, not just the most popular cuts.

In return, consumers have the opportunity to develop a relationship with their farmers, and to trust that the food they’re buying meets their requirements - local, organic, sustainable, and/or grass-fed/pastured. Most CSAs work by connecting a farmer who grows a specific product with a network of folks interested in that product.

Good food at a fair price – it’s good for the farmer and good for you.

CSAs and Crossfit South Brooklyn

CFSBK has always been interested in helping its members eat better. Local, sustainable and grass-fed/pastured food is a huge part of fitness and health.

The gym hosts three CSAs: one for meat, poultry and eggs, with Herondale Farm (since 2011); one for vegetables and flowers, with Sol Flower Farm (since 2012) and as of March 2014, a fish CSA with Village Fishmonger. The gym acts as a pick-up point for all our CSAs, which are open to all gym members as well as the larger community. 

 You don’t have to belong to CFSBK to join our CSAs.

Our farmers are an integral part of the extended CFSBK family. They make the food deliveries themselves, meet CSA members in person, attend our pot-lucks and other special events, and even host us for CSA appreciation days and cookouts on their upstate property. By joining our CSA program, you’ll get the unique opportunity to get to know them and understand the crucial role they play in feeding many gym members and their families.

Pick up Logistics/Contact Info

All shares must be picked up at Crossfit South Brooklyn on Wednesdays between 6-8:30 pm. See the schedule below.

Due to space constraints, the gym cannot “hold” your share for you if you fail to pick it up on time. If you miss the 6-8:30 PM window, your share will be distributed to eager gym members.

Don’t forget to pick up your share! If you have a concern about making the pickup time, email the CSA Coordinator, Michele Knaub, at mignyc (at) gmail dot com.

General Pickup Info for all CSA members:
Where: 597 Degraw Street between 3rd and 4th Avenues
When: 6-8:30pm Wednesdays (see below for info based on share type and time of year)
Issues: Email Michele K, the CSA site coordinator, at mignyc (at)

Remember to bring a bag to carry your share home in. If you must borrow Herondale’s freezer bag, please return it to the gym before the next month’s delivery.

Meat and fish shares (including charcuterie and seasonal chicken and eggs) will be delivered the second Wednesday of every month from February through May of 2014, and the first Wednesday of the month starting in June 2014.   

Upcoming delivery dates are:


Wed 11.5.2014


Wed 12.3.2014


Wed 1.7.2015


Wed 2.4.2015

Salami shares – monthly delivery on first Wednesdays along with the meat shares.

Chicken shares – monthly delivery on first Wednesdays for the duration of the season. The 2014 season is over.

Egg shares – weekly delivery on Wednesdays for the duration of the season (generally June-October). The 2014 season is over.

Vegetable and flower shares – weekly delivery on Wednesdays for the duration of the season, generally June-October. The 2014 season is over.

CFSBK Coordinator Contact Info: 

Michele Knaub, CSA Site coordinator: mignyc [at]


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