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8 Week Strength Cycle

We all want to get stronger. That's because we implicitly understand that building strength is the foundation for increasing overall physical capacity. It has been proven again and again that lifting heavy primes our bodies to be more effective and efficient at metabolic conditioning workouts. Strength is the only mode of training that supports everything else we do in the gym and in life. Plus it's pretty badass.

We are offering four 8 week Strength programs that will involve the following:
* Small group training designed to increase your competency with the lifts.
* Consistent and repeated exposure to the powerlifts along a linear progression of weight
* Short and intense complementary conditioning workouts.
* Group discussions on lifting topics including: planning warm-ups, the mental aspect of lifting, and elements of the adaptive response to strength training.
*New PRs.

All current cycles can be found under the Strength Intensive heading on our Membership page HERE.

Each cycle will culminate in a CrossFit Total.

If anyone is confused as to which cycle they belong in, they can contact Jeremy directly at Jeremy(at) to discuss placement.

3x Per Week Cycles:
$300 paid upon registration and then another $300 at the halfway point

2xW Cycles:
$200 paid upon registration and then another $200 at the halfway point

Class Sizes
Space is limited to 4-8 participants

Class Length
One hour and thirty minutes