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2012 CrossFit South Brooklyn Paleo Challenge

                                            “Willing, Able and Ready”

          The theme for the 2012 Paleo challenge is, “Willing, Able and Ready”.  We’ve broken down your write-up into these three themes to help you develop an understanding for why and how you plan to implement this challenge.  This concept has been borrowed from the the work of clinical psychologists Professor William R Miller, Ph.D. and Professor Stephen Rollnick, Ph.D. who have used similar methods to help facilitate change with a wide variety of populations.  Please read the three sections below and answer the questions to the best of your ability.


This category aims to help you understand why you want to take part in the Paleo Challenge. By developing and understanding discrepancy between where you are now and where you want to be, we can target areas for improvement and help you realize why this is important to you. Your reasons may include health, body composition, performance and even emotional reasons for signing up.  The important thing to remember is that there are no “wrong” reasons for signing up.

1. You’ve taken the first step by signing up for the challenge, tell us what you think the negative effects of not changing are.

2. What are the advantages of change?  Imagine that you followed through with your plan to a T, where would you love to see yourself in two months?

3. How important would you say it is for you to follow through with this challenge? On a scale from 0-10, where 0 is not at all important and 10 is extremely important, where would you say you are?


Your ability to implement change depends on creating a realistic plan for yourself.  Here is where we’ll develop a strategy for your Paleo Challenge.  Some of your goals may be to avoid certain foods or habits that will derail your plan, others may include things you perceive to be beneficial that you’d like to add to your lifestyle.

4. Please list the parameters for your Paleo Challenge. These must be specific, measurable and realistic attributes that you plan on implementing for the next two months.

5. How confident would you say you are that you can follow through with your plan? On the same scale of 0-10 where would you say you are?

We want your plan to be in the 8-10 range. If you look at your plan and think theres a low probability that you’ll succeed, retool your plan to make it work better for you.  Try and prioritize the components that seem most important to you.


The Paleo Challenge starts on January 1st, 2012.  Here is where we dig into some steps you’ll take to make this challenge a priority for yourself. Do you need to clean out the snacks from your cabinets? Maybe tell your spouse what your plan is and why it’s important to you. Perhaps it’s as simple as making a shopping list.

6. What steps will you take between now and the start of the challenge to help you succeed?

The good news is that filling out this sheet is already step 1! You’re already moving in the right direction and have a boatload of other folks who have stepped up in an effort to improve themselves in 2012.  The new year is the phenomenal time to reflect on the last 365 days and congratulate yourself for all the things you’ve accomplished and determine where you’d like to go in the new year.

Follow up metrics:

You might also include some metrics for you to make note of before starting.  Your body weight, max push-ups and/or pull-ups, 1RM Deadlift, 1RM Squat, 1 Mile run and “Fran” (or any other benchmark WOD you’ve done) time would all be valid metrics.

If you’ve got any questions along the way, we (the CFSBK Coaching Staff) are here for your support and to give you a thoughtful perspective on what we think about your implementation.  Good luck! 

Please sumbit your answers to cfsbkpaleochallenge (AT) by January 5th