Back Squat | WOD 3.4.15

Fitness: 3 x 5 Linear Progression
Add 5-10 pounds to last week's exposure.
Performance: 92.5% x 2, 82.5% x 10 

Post loads to comments.


50-40-30-20-10, For Time:
Double Unders
Sit Ups

 Post what you worked on to comments.
Compare to 7.31.2014 

Our C.R.A.S.H. Beasts this weekend! Check out more (including some cool videos) on Rowing Magazine's Facebook page!

  • THANK YOU to everyone who nominated Inside the Affiliate for Breaking Muscle's Top 20 Fitness Blogs of 2015—we made it! The Top 10 will be decided on by a panel of judges and announced on Sunday. ICYMI, on Friday, we reposted a cool interview David did with The Homeopathoholic, called "Will Lifting Make Me Bulky? Answers to Common CrossFit Questions." You probably already know all the answers, but check in out just in case you don't and share it with your unconverted friends!

Notes on C.R.A.S.H.-B.s From Coach Nick

The SBK Indoor Rowing Team put in a strong showing at CRASH-Bs, the world indoor rowing championship, this past weekend in Boston. The group, AKA the "CRASH-Beasts," had trained for 17 weeks for the event, and had a lot to show for their efforts—they not only improved their scores on the 2000m piece, but also gained confidence on the erg. The program included three technique clinics, four races, and video analysis of the participants' rowing form. What was really impressive is the fact that the training, which was sometimes brutal, was all DIY. The following CRASH-Beasts raced in Boston: 

Mauricio (Mo) A.
Jonathan C.
K.R. D.
Richard G.
Linda H.
Sarah M.
Joe M.
Henry P.
Pablo R.
Michael R.
Evan R.
Elisabeth S.
Talia V.

A few people had put in the bulk of the training but couldn't make it to Boston in the end, including Sonya C., Alona K., Billy K., Pigeon K., Colette K., Melissa L., Pavel M., Laura M., Katie M., Andrew M., and James W.

Please congratulate the CRASH-Beasts on completing their training! (Congratulations may take the form of a sympathetic hand on the shoulder and a knowing, pitying look.)

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Rest Day

All our strong Iron Maidens! We uploaded the final rankings and scores to Flickr, care of the talented Ryan J. Click here for Pixies and Ladies, and here for Dames and Broads. 

Final Parting Iron Maidens Thoughts from Margie 

The first time we ran Tough Titsday in 2011 (Iron Maidens' predecessor), we had no idea what to expect. I remember prodding our members to sign up (particularly those who had taken my Tough Titsday class), and feeling thrilled that we got about 20 to commit. That group of women was a mix of new and more experienced lifters, but none had ever taken part in a meet. There was a great sense of mystery about what it would be like to lift with commands and adhere to particular rules. Logistically, I modeled it after Jeremy's Totals and the USAPL meets I had been to. My scoring system was the whiteboard. The day was absolutely electric. No one, including myself, anticipated the heart and grit those women would leave on the platform. I think we all felt we'd taken part in something profoundly special.

We've run five Tough Titsday meets since 2011, improving things along the way: Ryan Joyce designed a scoring program, the gym acquired a screen and projector, I slowly populated our judging and spotting team with more women, the flow of the event got tighter and, best of all, gym members signed up of their own accord - no prodding needed. It got to be quite a popular event, both to be part of and to watch. But it was ready to evolve.

Fast forward to Iron Maidens: 55 lifters from all over NYC, a judging and spotting team of (nearly) all women, 11 businesses sponsoring prizes, Mare Lai's thorough planning assistance, a volunteer staff of over 15, and a crowd so large, I never quite believed what I was seeing. The sheer size of the experience was thrilling. But fundamentally, it was still the same event: new and experienced female lifters coming together to discover, share, and show their strength. I am proud that we were able to re-create that electric energy once again, and to extend it to so many women: veterans and first-timers, CFSBK-ers, and non. Thank you, CFSBK, for being home to such an experience. I hope Iron Maidens will continue to be an environment where women push themselves and each other, and have a boat-load of fun doing it. 

Thank you to my volunteers, spotters, and judges for working so hard to make this event run as smoothly as I could hope the first time around. It was a pleasure to work with you. I think we learned a lot and next time will be even better.

Hats off to all you ladies for your heart and grit.

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Bench Press | WOD 3.2.15

Fitness: 3 x 5 Linear Progression
Add 2.5-5 pounds to last week's exposure.
Performance: 92.5% x 2, 82.5% x 10 
You're getting into territory where 10 reps might not be a given. Use spotters, but try to leave a rep in the tank. 

Post loads to comments.

21-15-9 Reps, For Time:
Wall Balls

Rest 5 Minutes 

40 Calorie Row for Time 

All out efforts on each. Score time for each WOD individually. 

Post both times to comments. 

Coach JB brought the heat on Saturday at Iron Maidens, winning both first in the Pixies division and Best Overall Lifter with a total of 640 (at body weight 105). She PR-ed her bench and met her current PRs for the squat and deadlift.

News and Notes

A Few Notes From the Iron Maidens Raw Open

From Allie B.:

Iron Maidens was an incredible experience. I'm astonished by the power, strength, and determination of the amazing ladies who lifted. The meet itself was run so well and I felt so prepared thanks to Margie and her clear communication of what to expect, rules, etc. I will definitely participate again next year and would highly recommend the experience to anyone. The number of pounds on the bar is not as important as you think—it was all about testing your personal limits in a highly supportive environment! Great job, everyone!

From Lauren B.: 

There was zero doubt in my mind that this would be a world-class event and it exceeded my expectations. On every level I am so happy to have been a part of it. Some highlights for me:

- Seeing first-timers like Sam and Jenny train and crush their first meet with excitement and great attitudes.

- Warming up in the holding room with super strong veterans and friends like JB, Whit, Harper, Dubie, and Dolce and watching them lift weights that I will too some day, dammit! … with lots of hard work and a little pixie dust.

- Representing SBK and welcoming athletes from the greater CrossFit community, including Lorin Blake from CFPH who I watched train hard, had never competed before and came in 2nd in her weight class.

- Watching Margie run this thing from conception to completion with conviction, compassion and poise… talk about an inspiring lady.

- Competing for the 3rd time and finally feeling like I came into it mentally strong! I achieved what I set my mind to achieve and felt a sense of satisfaction the whole day, that I gave it everything I could, along with a pleasant aftertaste of excitement for the next challenge ahead. :) A big thank you to David for helping me with perspective before and during the meet.

ABOVE ALL... the thing that made the biggest impression on me was a tremendous sense of gratitude for and pride in CFSBK. To see members who have become very close friends as well as those whom I have recently met all working together to pull of a flawless event, using strength and skills that they've honed HERE, supporting each other with sincere interest and a spirit of competition, taking their abilities and hard work seriously, and dedicating a substantial chunk of their time and energy to making this event and community what it is—I'm looking at Kate R., among others, who wore many hats beautifully.

This was a LONG day—12+ high-energy, physically-taxing hours. THANK YOU to all who participated, attended, and brought me so many bottles of coffee. 

My best #s yesterday were: SQ 200, BP 110, DL 205 (PR)—all of these felt great!

From Jenny M.:

Iron Maidens was SO much FUN yesterday. Thanks to everyone who organized and volunteered. Congrats to everyone who lifted!

It was a weekend of PRs for me!

At Iron maidens I hit a 195 HBBS (+15# PR) but missed a cue because my foot but hey—it's still a PR even if it didn't count in the meet. 

Got 190 for the official squat, 100 for bench (+3# PR) and 220 for DL (+10# PR). 510 total. So happy since my goal when I signed up at the end of December was 450 and my goal after several weeks of training was 500. :)

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If you competed this weekend at Iron Maidens/the Strength Cycle Total/C.R.A.S.H.-B.'s and haven't reported back, tell us how it went!


Open Workout 15.1

Open Workout 15.1

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 9 minutes of:
15 Toes to Bar
10 Deadlifts 115 / 75
5 Snatches 115 / 75 


1RM Clean and Jerk
Starts immediately after 15.1 using the same barbell. 6-minute time cap (until the 15 min mark). 

Scaled Open Workout 15.1

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 9 minutes of:
15 Hanging Knee Raises (sub sit ups for non Open folks)
10 Deadlifts 85 / 55
5 Snatches 85 / 55 

1RM Clean and Jerk
Starts immediately after 15.1 using the same barbell. 6-minute time cap (until the 15 min mark). 

Post rounds and Rx to comments.

Floater WOD for anyone who did 15.1 on Friday


Fitness and Performance: 1 x 5 Linear Progression
Add 5-10 pounds to last week's exposure. Dead starts, no touch and go. Use a hook grip if you can. 

Post loads to comments.

Post loads to comments.

Partner WOD
15-12-9-6-3, For Time:
Kettleblell Swing 72/53

Post time and Rx to comments.

Sarah M. benching in front of a packed crowd at the Iron Maidens Raw Open yesterday. Huge congrats to all our lady lifters, who made it rain with PRs. And thank you to our judges, spotters, volunteers, spectators, Cruise Director Mare L., David, and (especially) Margie, who pulled off this incredible day. We'll have more details (rankings, etc.) for you soon! 

Notes For Sunday

  • Didn't get enough PRs yesterday? Coach Jeremy's Strength Cyclers wrap up their eight-week cycle with a Total today, starting at 2pm. Come cheer them on!
  • This was the 17th and final week of the C.R.A.S.H.-B.'s program. The big day is TODAY! 15 CFSBKers are competing. Row hard, and let us know how it goes!
  • DON'T FORGET TO RSVP TO CLASS: Click on the Class Schedule and RSVP tab in the left-hand column (under General Information) and select the class for which you'd like to RSVP. 
  • Happy birthday, Mark C.!

To everyone who competed yesterday at Iron Maidens or today at the Total/C.R.A.S.H.-B.'s, how'd it go?  


The Iron Maidens Raw Open

Today Is the Iron Maidens Raw Open at CFSBK!


Here is the schedule:

 9:30-2:30pm: Pixies and Ladies lift, Awards Ceremony to follow
12pm: Kettlebell Kitchen begins serving lunch
2:45pm-6:30pm: Dames and Broads lift, Awards Ceremony to follow

There will be competitors present from lots of gyms, but here are our ladies from CFSBK:


Notes For Sunday

  • Coach Jeremy's Strength Cyclers will wrap up their eight-week cycle with a Total tomorrow, starting at 2:00pm.
  • This is the 17th and final week of the C.R.A.S.H.-B.'s program. The big day is TOMORROW! As of now, 15 CFSBKers are competing. Row hard!
  • The 2015 CrossFit Open started on Thursday. We normally program these WODs on Saturday (which you can expect for the next four), but because of Iron Maidens, we are programming it for tomorrow. 

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Good luck, ladies!! 


Rest Day 

Different torso lengths will result in different start positions for pulling bars off of the floor. Athletes with longer torsos like Joy M. will end up a bit more upright than athletes with relatively shorter torsos.

Weekend Schedule Changes and Events You Need to Know About 

  • CLASSES ARE CANCELED TOMORROW for the Iron Maidens Raw Open (this includes Yoga for Athletes and Active Recovery). 
  • The 2015 CrossFit Open started last night. We normally program these WODs on Saturday (which you can expect for the next four), but because of Iron Maidens, we are programming it for Sunday. If you came to the gym yesterday and want to come today and Sunday, there is a floater WOD available (see the comments below). 
  • Coach Jeremy's Strength Cyclers will wrap up their eight-week cycle with a Total on Sunday, starting at 2:00pm.
  • This is the 17th and final week of the C.R.A.S.H.-B.'s program. The big day is this Sunday! As of now, 15 CFSBKers are competing. Let us know how it goes! We're cheering for you.

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We ended up in the Top 20 last year (after being live for only four months!), but this year, we're gunning for the Top 10. To get there, we need to be nominated first for the Top 20. If you’re on Facebook, it’s super simple: 

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Snatch | 2.26.15

Fitness and Performance: High Hang Snatch (or Power Snatch)
Catch as low as your mobility allows. 

Post loads to comments.

3 Rounds For Time:
10 Overhead Squats 135/95
15 Chest To Bar Pull-Ups
20 Power Cleans 135/95

Post time and Rx to comments.

Take 12 Minutes to work up to a medium/heavy load on the following complex:
6 Hang Power Cleans
3 Push Presses or Jerks

Post time and loads to comments.

What are you doing this Saturday? Come watch our strong ladies lift all the weight!

News and Notes

  • 15.1, the first 2015 CrossFit Open WOD, will be announced TONIGHT at 8pm! Follow along here
  • Happy birthday, David D.

Everything You Need To Know About the Iron Maidens Raw Open

ALL CLASSES ARE CANCELED this Saturday, as we are hosting the Iron Maidens Raw Open. Here is the schedule:

 9:30-2:30pm: Pixies and Ladies lift
12pm: Kettlebell Kitchen begins serving lunch
2:30pm: Awards Ceremony
3pm-6:30pm: Dames and Broads lift
6:30pm: Awards Ceremony

There will be competitors present from lots of gyms, but here are our ladies from CFSBK:


Thank You To Our Sponsors 

A BIG thank you again to our sponsors. We appreciate your support! Check out their sites to learn more:

Sara June Hair Salon (mention Iron Maidens for a 20% discount on services through April 2015)
Kettlebell Kitchen
Chameleon Cold-Brew
SlantShack Jerky
Cafe Grumpy
Gear to Go
Threes Brewing (providing $1 off all beer and well drinks to everyone after the meet!)
Herondale Farm
Starting Strength
Bricks Bars

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